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Apostolic Journey to Canada
(September 9-20, 1984)

  • Radio message during the flight over Gaspé (September 9, 1984)
    [French, Italian]

  • To priests, men and women religious (September 9, 1984)
    [French, Italian]

  •  Mass celebrated at «Laval» Catholic University in Québec (September 9. 1984)
    [French, Italian]

  • To the faithful gathered in the Shrine of Cap-de-la-Madeleine (September 10, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • Celebration in honour of the Virgin Mary at the Sanctuary of «Notre-Dame du Cap» (September 10, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • Act of Entrustment of Canada to Mary (September 10, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • To the faithful gathered in the Cathedral of Montréal (September 10, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • Prayer before the tomb of Brother André Bessette (September 11, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • To women religious of the Congregation of Notre-Dame (September 11, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • Mass for the beatification of Sister Marie-Léonie Paradis (September 11, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • To children of the elementary school (September 11, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • To the faithful at the Cathedral of Moncton (September 13, 1984)
    [French, Italian]
  • To the Polish community of Canada (September 14, 1984)
    [Italian, Polish]
  • To the Slovak community of Byzantine rite (September 15, 1984)
    [Italian, Slovak]
  • Concelebration in the Monastery of the Servants of Jesus and Mary in Hull (September 19, 1984)
    French, Italian]



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