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  • Message for the opening of the Campaign of Brotherhood in Brazil (February 21, 1972)

  • Letter to Father Benedetto Calati on the 9th centenary of the death of St Pier Damiani (February 23, 1972)

  • Letter for the opening of the 3rd Conference of UNCTAD in Santiago of Chile (April 7, 1972)
    [Italian, Spanish]

  • Letter to Cardinal William Conway on the 19th centenary of the martyrdom of St Thomas the Apostle (April 14, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Giuseppe Carraro on the 16th centenary of the death of St Zeno (May 5, 1972)

  • Letter to Cardinal Giovanni Colombo on the 50th anniversary of the "Opera Ritiri Spirituali" in Triuggio (May 24, 1972)

  • Letter to the Ecumenical Patriarch Athenagoras I (June 4, 1972)

  • Letter for the death of Cardinal Angelo Dell'Acqua (August 28, 1972)

  • Message on the 5th «International Day of Literacy» (September 4, 1972)
    [French, Spanish]

  • Letter to Cardinal Antonio Poma on the occasion of the 18th Italian Eucharistic Congress in Udine (September 16, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Luigi Carli on the 13th centenary of the death of Pope St Vitaliano (September 28, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Rudolf Graber on the first millennium of the Episcopal Ordination of St Wolfgang  as Bishop of Regensburg (October 2, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Enrico Manfredini on the 850th anniversary of the Cathedral of Piacenza -Italy (October 10, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Heinrich Maria Janssen on the 11th centenary of the Cathedral of Hildesheim (October 16, 1972)

  • Letter to Monsignor Franco Costa (October 17, 1972)

  • Letter to Cardinal Giulio Döpfner, President of the Episcopal Conference of Germany (November 4, 1972)

  • Letter to Cardinal Alessandro Renard, Archbishop of Lione, on the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the Pontifical Society for the Propagation of the Faith (November 9, 1972)



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