The Pope in Cuba
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The signs of hope: peoples

Angelo Scelzo

Another - yet another - of the trips once considered «impossible» has taken place. John Paul II set foot on the island of Cuba, and at the same time came the confirmation there are no inaccessible sites to hope which is carried everywhere - in the hearts of men and people - by faith.
Although ideological apparatus attempt in vain to depress and sterilise it, faith is always the live and palpitating heart of a hope which regenerates men and people. This took place in Cuba.
The Pope's pilgrimage opened a new page of history; and it was a new beginning in the sign of Christ. At this time of the end of the millennium what was seen - during the days of the visit - was above all the sign of novelty. «My pastoral visit - the Pope affirmed - takes place at a very special time for the life of the whole Church, that is, the preparation to the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000».
Cuba has lived its Jubilee. It opened - rather it opened wide - its doors to the third millennium of Christ. The world was shocked. The Church, in the year dedicated to the Holy Spirit - saw the breath of the Consoler at work.