The Peregrinatio ad Petri sedem
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The Peregrinatio ad Petri Sedem (P.A.P.S) is an entity of the Holy See, constituted in 1933 for the coordination and assistance for the pilgrims who came to Italy and to Rome, "ad Petri sedem" in particular during the jubilee years.

By its statute, the Peregrinatio promotes and coordinates, for single pilgrims and groups, with spirit of service, the welcome for the pilgrims who come to Rome "ad Petri sedem" and in Italy. The Peregrinatio also organizes religious events, cultural events and offers the service of tickets by air, sea or train.

But its main objective is to represent valid spiritual and logistical support, for those who want to live their experience of faith in the proper environment and in the right atmosphere, offering welcome, hospitality and assistance.

From May 1, 1996, the Holy Father nominated a new President and Administrative Delegate of the Peregrinatio, S.E. Monsignor Sergio Sebastiani, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Great Jubilee of the Year 2000, in this way the role of the Peregrinatio was officiated, as an entity of the Holy See, in charge of organizing the logistical services for the welcoming of the pilgrims who will come to Italy and in particular to Rome on the occasion of the great Jubilee of the Year 2000.

In this context, the contribution which is expected from the Religious Institutes will be of utmost importance, to offer to the pilgrims a welcome in perfect harmony with the Event. The Peregrinatio will make itself available in offering the maximum collaboration to all the Institutes who require it, from dealing with the bureaucracy to the technical assistance needed for restructuring buildings in order to create more space and for the number of beds.

The Peregrinatio, will control the quality of the services to assure a dignified welcome and hospitality, it will also control the prices and will mark its stamp of approval to those who keep in line with the requisites.