Lumen Fidei - page 9

to him, and as his brother in Christ I have taken
up his fine work and added a few contributions
of my own. The Successor of Peter, yesterday,
today and tomorrow, is always called to strength-
en his brothers and sisters in the priceless trea-
sure of that faith which God has given as a light
for humanity’s path.
In God’s gift of faith, a supernatural infused
virtue, we realize that a great love has been of-
fered us, a good word has been spoken to us, and
that when we welcome that word, Jesus Christ
the Word made flesh, the Holy Spirit transforms
us, lights up our way to the future and enables us
joyfully to advance along that way on wings of
hope. Thus wonderfully interwoven, faith, hope
and charity are the driving force of the Christian
life as it advances towards full communion with
God. But what is it like, this road which faith
opens up before us? What is the origin of this
powerful light which brightens the journey of a
successful and fruitful life?
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