"L'Osservatore Romano" Archives

An overview of the history of the Church and society, from 1861 to today, through the documents, reflections and opinions published by L'Osservatore Romano.
This is the precious service offered by the newspaper's archives to scholars, historians and ordinary readers.
As well as the paper's entire collection of daily Italian editions, Sunday supplements, weekly editions in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and the monthly Polish language edition, the archives provide a complete collection on microfilm. This includes all the daily Italian editions since 1861 and the weekly issues in English since the English edition began in 1968.
The microfilm collection also contains all the 1849-1850 editions of Fr Battelli's L'Osservatore and the 1849 editions of Il Costituzionale Romano, both of which may be considered the parent newspapers of today L'Osservatore Romano.
A modern microfilm reader ensures the reproduction of individual articles or entire pages.
As from 1996, the archiving of the daily and weekly editions has been computerized. These texts are now available on floppy disk or via modem.
Printed editions of the newspaper covering the last five years are also available.

Requests for back-copies or archive material may be sent by post to:
L'Osservatore Romano Archives, 00120 Vatican City
via fax: (+39)06.69883675,
or via e-mail


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