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4 April 2005

Pope in the Clementine Hall

  Blessing Ceremony
  Transfer of the Body of Pope John Paul II to St Peter's Square

Transfer of the Body of the Pope through the Loggia


First Faithful visit the Pope in the Basilica

  Navarro Valls Conference
5 April 2005

Faithful visit the Pope in the Basilica

  Mons. Dziwisz greets the Pope
6 April 2005 Bush prays for the Pope
  Dalai Lama prays for the Pope
  Faithful pray for the Pope
8 April 2005

Pope's Funeral


Homily at Pope's Funeral

18 April 2005 Conclave Opening
  Black Smoke
  2nd Black Smoke
  Conclave Homily
19 April 2005 Black Smoke
  White Smoke
  White Smoke

1st Address of Pope Benedict XVI

20 April 2005 Mass in the Sistine Chapel
  Homily Mass at the Sistine Chapel
22 April 2005 Audience to Cardinals in Rome
23 April 2005 Greetings to journalists
  Pontifical Rites
24 April 2005 Mass Benedict XVI
  Homily Benedict XVI
  Greetings to Heads of State
25 April 2005 Audience to Delegations and Pilgrims from Germany
  Visit to Basilica of Saint Paul outside the Walls
27 April 2005

General Audience

7 May 2005

Eucharistic Celebration at the Basilica of Saint John Lateran

11 May 2005 General Audience
12 May 2005

Audience to Ambassadors of Diplomatic Corps

13 May 2005

Audience with Roman Clergy

25 May 2005 General Audience
8 June 2005 General Audience
22 June 2005 General Audience
24 June 2005

Visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the President of the Italian Republic

28 June 2005

Presentation of the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church


"So many hearts to surround the Pope's heart. Messenger of peace"

  Holy Father's Address
  Basilica of Saint John Lateran
06 July 2005 General Audience
10 August 2005 General Audience
17 August 2005 General Audience
18 August 2005

International Airport of Kšln/Bonn. Welcome Ceremony


Papal Welcoming Ceremony to youth

19 August 2005 Visit to the Synagogue of Kšln
  Meeting with seminarians
20 August 2005

Vigil with young people in Marienfeld area

21 August 2005

Mass in Marienfeld area

  Farewell Ceremony at the International Airport of Kšln/Bonn
24 August 2005 General Audience
31 August 2005 General Audience
07 September 2005 General Audience
14 September 2005 General Audience
28 September 2005 General Audience
03 October 2005

XI Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops

05 October 2005 General Audience
09 October 2005

Beatification of the Servant of God Clemens August Graf Von Galen

  Octava Dies
12 October 2005 General Audience
17 October 2005

Eucharistic adoration with the Synodal Fathers

22 October 2005


23 October 2005

Canonization "Conclusion of the Year of the Eucharist"

  Octava Dies
26 October 2005 General Audience
20 November 2005 Angelus
  Octava Dies
23 November 2005 General Audience
26 November 2005

Celebration of First Vespers - First Sunday of Advent

27 Novembre 2005 Angelus
  Octava Dies
30 November 2005 General Audience
11 December 2005 Angelus
14 December 2005 General Audience
16 December 2005

Mass for the Italian Armed Forces

17 December 2005

Christmas tree lightning

18 December 2005 Angelus
  Octava Dies

Pastoral visit to the Parish of "Santa Maria Consolatrice" in Rome

22 December 2005

Christmas greetings to the Roman Curia

24 December 2005

Telepace - Inauguration of the crib. Prayer vigil for peace and life.


Holy Mass - Christmas Night

25 December 2005

Urbi et Orbi (Christmas)

26 December 2005 Angelus
28 December 2005 General Audience
31 December 2005

Vespers and "Te Deum"

01 January 2006

Holy Mass on the occasion of the World Day of Peace

  Octava Dies
04 January 2006 General Audience
08 January 2006

Mass with Baptisms

  Octava Dies
09 January 2006

Audience to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See

10 January 2006 General Audience
12 January 2006

Audience to the administrators of the Region of Lazio, and the City and Province of Rome

15 January 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
18 January 2006 General Audience
22 January 2006

Mass for the Swiss Guards on the 500th Anniversary of their founding

  Octava Dies
23 January 2006

Audience to the participants in the meeting sponsored by the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum"

25 January 2006 General Audience

Presentation of the First Encyclical of the Holy Father Benedict XVI "DEUS CARITAS EST"


Celebration of First Vespers for the conclusion of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

29 January 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
01 February 2006 General Audience
05 February 2006

Holy Mass at the Parish of St Anne

  Octava Dies
08 February 2006 General Audience
10 February 2006

Funeral of Fr. Andrea Santoro

11 February 2006

Holy Mass for the Sick



12 February 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
15 February 2006 General Audience
19 February 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
22 February 2006 General Audience
25 February 2006

Visit to the Pontifical Roman Major Seminary

26 February 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
01 March 2006 General Audience

Procession and Holy Mass on Ash Wednesday

03 March 2006

Visit of the Pope to Vatican Radio

04 March 2006

Audience to the members of the Christian Union

05 March 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
11 March 2006

Rosary with the University students

12 March 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
15 March 2006 General Audience
19 March 2006

Holy Mass for workers

  Octava Dies
22 March 2006 General Audience
24 March 2006

Ordinary Public Consistory for the creation of new Cardinals

25 March 2006

Holy Mass with the Cardinals

26 March 2006

Visit to the Parish of "God Merciful Father" in Rome

  Octava Dies
29 March 2006 General Audience
02 April 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies

Holy Rosary on the First Anniversary of the Death of John Paul II

03 April 2006

Holy Mass for Pope John Paul II

05 April 2006 General Audience
06 April 2006

Meeting with youth

09 April 2006 Octava Dies

Holy Mass on Palm Sunday

11 April 2006

Penitential Celebration presided over by Card. Stafford

12 April 2006 General Audience
13 April 2006 Chrism Mass
  Mass of the Lord's Supper
14 April 2006

Celebration of the Passion of the Lord

  Way of the Cross
15 April 2006 Easter Vigil
16 April 2006

Easter Sunday Mass

  Urbi et Orbi
  Octava Dies
17 April 2006 Regina Caeli
19 April 2006 General Audience
21 April 2006

Concert offered by the Council of Rome to commemorate the I anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI's election as Bishop of Rome and also the Birthday of the City of Rome

22 April 2006

Holy Mass presided over by Card. Martini


Audience of the Pope to the Jesuits

23 April 2006 Regina Caeli
  Octava Dies
26 April 2006 General Audience
03 May 2006 General Audience
04 May 2006

Arrival of the Swiss Guard "March"


Arrival to St. Peter's Square

05 May 2006

Concert for 5000 Swiss Guards

06 May 2006

Holy Mass for the Swiss Guard

06 May 2006

Swearing-in of the Swiss Guards

07 May 2006

Priestly Ordinations

  Regina Caeli
  Octava Dies
10 May 2006 General Audience
13 May 2006

Holy Mass on the Day of Our Lady of Fatima


The  Statue of Our Lady of Fatima in St. Peter's Square

14 May 2006 Regina Caeli
  Octava Dies
17 May 2006 General Audience
21 May 2006 Regina Caeli
  Octava Dies
24 May 2006 General Audience
26 May 2006

Arrival at Czestochowa


Meeting with men and women religious, seminarians, representatives of movements and consecrated life at the Shrine of Jasna G—ra


Arrival at Krak—w

27 May 2006

Visit to the Shrine of Our Lady of Kalwaria in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska


Visit to the Shrine of Divine Mercy in  Krak—w/Lagiewniki


Visit to the Cathedral of Wawel


Meeting with youth at Błonie Park in Krakow


Visit to the birth home of Pope John Paul II in Wadowice

28 May 2006

Holy Mass at Błonie Park in Krakow


Visit to the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz


Prayer to commemorate the victims of the Concentration Camp of Birkenau

  Octava Dies

Farewell ceremony at the Airport of Balice (Krak—w)

31 May 2006 General Audience
02 June 2006

Audience to the management, journalists and technical support staff of the Italian Episcopal Conference

03 June 2006

First Vespers of Pentecost

05 June 2006

Ecclesial Convention of the Diocese Rome

07 June 2006 General Audience
14 June 2006 General Audience
15 June 2006

Body and Blood of Christ

18 June 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
21 June 2006 General Audience
28 June 2006 General Audience
29 June 2006

St Peter and Paul

05 July 2006 General Audience
08 July 2006

Arrival at the Airport of Manises (Valencia)


Visit to the Cathedral and Basilica of the "Virgen de los Desamparados" in Valencia


Recital of the Angelus Domini at Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia


Courtesy visit to Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain in the Palace of the Generalitat in Valencia


Festive encounter and testimonials at the conclusion of the Fifth World Meeting of Families in the 'City of Arts and Sciences' in Valencia

09 July 2006

Holy Mass at  the 'City of Arts and Sciences' in Valencia

  Octava Dies

Farewell ceremony at the Airport of Manises (Valencia)

16 July 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
23 July 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
30 July 2006

Angelus -
Castel Gandolfo

  Octava Dies
01 August 2006

Holy Mass presided over by Card. Schšnborn with 40.000 altar servers

02 August 2006 General Audience
06 August 2006 Angelus
09 August 2006 General Audience
06 September 2006 General Audience
12 September 2006

Holy Mass at Islinger Feld in Regensburg

14 September 2006

Meeting with Priests and Permanent Deacons at the Cathedral of Freising


Farewell ceremony at the Airport of Munich

15 September 2006

Ceremony at the Secretariat of State for the farewell of Card. Angelo Sodano and the appointment of the new Secretary of State Card. Tarcisio Bertone

25 September 2006

Audience to the Ambassadors of Countries with a Muslim majority and to the representatives of Muslim communities in Italy

27 September 2006

General Audience

04 October 2006

General Audience

11 October 2006

General Audience

13 October 2006

Visit of the Prime Minister Romano Prodi to Pope Benedict XVI

18 October 2006

General Audience

20 October 2006

Funeral Mass for Card. Mario Francesco Pompedda

21 October 2006

Visit of the Holy Father to the Pontifical Lateran University

22 October 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
23 October 2006

Holy Mass presided over by Card. Grocholewski for the opening of the Academic Year of the Ecclesiastical Universities

25 October 2006

General Audience

29 October 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
01 November 2006

Holy Mass on the Solemnity of All Saints

03 November 2006

Visit of the Pope to the Gregorian University

04 November 2006

Holy Mass for the deceased Cardinals and Bishops of the year 2006

05 November 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
08 November 2006

General Audience

12 Novembre 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies
15 Novembre 2006

Udienza Generale

16 Novembre 2006

V Festival Internazionale della Musica e Arte Sacra - Basilica San Giovanni

18 Novembre 2006

Concerto In Onore Del Santo Padre Benedetto XVI Offerto Dal Presidente Della Republica Federale Di Germania

19 Novembre 2006

Santa Messa Solenne celebrata da Sua Eminenza Cardinal Schšnborn, Arcivescovo di Vienna. W.A. Mozart Messa dell'Incoronazione K. 317

  Octava Dies
20 Novembre 2006

Visita Del Presidente Della Repubblica Italiana Giorgio Napolitano A Papa Benedetto XVI

22 Novembre 2006

Udienza Generale

24 Novembre 2006

XXVIII Congresso Nazionale Di Musica Sacra

26 Novembre 2006 Angelus
  Octava Dies