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        We carry out missionary education in missionary "communion" in which each one, with Jesus, has his or her own part.

        According to the pastoral circumstances of each nation, Missionary Childhood is organized as a missionary association or as an Institution of services. With both forms the original charisma of this Society is achieved.

        In its associative dimension, this Society, which was created byr the universal and local Church, lives and serves through groups, teams, cells, etc. of Missionary Childhood. These are promoted in the parishes, schools or around other children's Institutions and movements. The Missionary Childhood groups live and work like "missionary" ferment (they help others to become missionaries too) in their schools, families and communities. We can find these children, like the Apostles with Jesus, gathered together weekly in their groups or carrying out missionary services in their families, schools and communities. We will surely always find them happily and generously collaborating in the parish and doing something for the missions.

        In the Missionary Childhood groups, like the Apostles with Jesus, the children become his friends. In his School of love they go every day like missionaries to their families and companions, and they cooperate like missionaries for the whole world. In their meeting (weekly or periodic) they follow their "School with Jesus" by receiving his Word in missionary catechesis, assimilating it as missionary spirituality, communicating it through words and services (missionary service) and reinforcing their missionary communion. Each group chooses its missionary name, its patron and concrete commitments. One child guides the group with the collaboration of its animator and of all the companions.

        The associated children also continue taking part in, and advantage of the parish catechesis and the other evangelizing services offered by their family, school and other Institutions or Movements.

        Another fundamental expression of this Society are the services of missionary animation, formation, communion and cooperation (spiritual, material and with evangelizing services) with regard to all the world's children. Although they are not formally connected with Missionary Childhood, the children can take advantage of these services according to their need and collaborate in them according to their possibilities.

       The beneficiary children and the other children are invited to join as friends and collaborators. If they are Catholic, they are invited to join as active members of Missionary Childhood. In this way, all the children can participate in different degrees and forms in Missionary Childhood.

       The recommendation is made to the children belonging to Missionary Childhood to participate in the missionary Eucharist each Sunday and to hold a missionary feast each month in their parish. The children themselves will prepare this.

        Each year the Day of Missionary Childhood is celebrated when prayer for the missions is intensified, the economic offerings are collected and many other initiatives are carried out for the missionary animation of the children in the community.

        In each Parish and Diocese, it is good to hold a yearly Meeting of Missionary Childhood in order to strengthen the life and service of the missionary children.

       In each Diocese the Bishop is the father and principal animator of Missionary Childhood. A Diocesan Director of the Pontifical Missionary Societies collaborates with him; he appoints and works with a Secretary or Diocesan Delegate for Missionary Childhood.

       The principal one in charge and animator of Missionary Childhood in the parish is the parish rector. He seeks the collaboration of the missionary animators and entrusts one of them with parish coordination of Missionary Childhood.