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1. What is the Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle (P.O.S.P.A.)?

2. How did P.O.S.P.A. come about?

3. What does "Pontifical" mean? 

4. Which kind of concrete help is offered by P.O.S.P.A.?

5. How are P.O.S.P.A.' s funds collected and distributed? 

6. Who presents the requests for help?

7. Does P.O.S.P.A. financially assist also Religious Congregations?  

8. Can P.O.S.P.A. financially support the university formation of priests? 

9. Can P.O.S.P.A. financially support also religious women with their higher education? 

10. Can P.O.S.P.A. intervene also in emergency situations?  

11. How can someone contribute and support P.O.S.P.A.? 

12. Who can provide further information about P.O.S.P.A.?

Sancti Petrus et Paulus Ap.

Pontificium Opus a Sancto Petro Apostolo
Secretariatus Internationalis

00187 Roma, Via di Propaganda I-C
Palazzo di "Propaganda Fide"
Tel. +39 06
+39 06

Pontifical Mission Societies