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N. 28 (1975/III)



Cardinal Willebrands on 50th Anniversary of Stockholm Conference “Life and Work”

Relations with Russian Orthodox Church:

Theological Conversations at Trent, June 23-28, 1975

Visit of SPCU Staff Members to Patriarchate of Moscow

Relations with Romanian Orthodox Church:

Catholic Participation in Anniversary Celebrations

Relations with Coptic Orthodox Church:

Press Communiqué on Second Meeting of Mixed Commission, Cairo, October 27-31, 1975

Relations with other Churches:

Fifth Meeting of Reformed/Roman Catholic Dialogue, Rome, March 3-8, 1975

Dialogue with Pentecostals, Fourth Meeting, Venice, May 21-26, 1975

Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission (ARCIC), Oxford, August 28 – September 6, 1975

Roman Catholic/Methodist Commission, Fourth Meeting, Bristol, England, September 8-11, 1975

Relations with World Council of Churches:

Consultation of Theologians, Rome, June 16-20, 1975

Catholic Observers at Fifth Assembly, Nairobi, November 23 – December 10, 1975

Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews:                                               

Tenth Anniversary of Nostra Aetate

Statement of Cardinal Willebrands about UN Resolution on Zionism

Commemoration of Jacques Maritain in Florence

Documentary Supplement:

Prayer for Unity, 1976