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N. 29 (1975/IV)


General Index of Contents 1967-1975


I. Documents whose text has been published in Information Service

A. Joint declarations of Pope Paul VI and other Heads of Churches

B. Speeches, allocutions, letters and messages of Pope Paul VI

C. Documentation published by the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity

D. Declarations, reports, appeals, etc. made by commissions or joint working groups in which the Secretariat participated

E. Speeches, allocutions, messages, declarations of the President of the Secretariat

F. Speeches, reports and notes of the Secretary of the Secretariat

II. Information about the different activities of the Secretariat

A. General activities and landmarks in the inner life of the Secretariat

B. Relations with Churches or Christian confessional families and information about them

1. Eastern Orthodox Churches

2. Oriental Orthodox Churches

3. Churches and Christian denominations of Western origin

C. International Ecumenical or Interconfessional Organizations

D. Ecumenical activities at the regional, national or local levels

E. Relations of the Secretariat with Judaism

III. Main topics of study and discussion

A. Principles and practice of Ecumenism

B. Theological problems

C. Christianity and the contemporary world