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N. 49 (1982/II-III)




Pope John Paul II and Ecumenism, February to July 1982

Delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, June 1982

Ecumenical News

Catholic/Orthodox Joint Commission, Munich, July 1982
WCC/RC Joint Working Group, Ariccia, March 1982
WCC/RC Joint Consultative Group, Bossey, February 1982
Evangelical/RC Dialogue on Mission, Cambridge, March 1982

Commission for Religious Relations with Judaism:                                              

Meeting of Delegates and Experts, Rome, March 1982

Documentation Supplement

Report of Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Disciples of Christ, 1977-1981
Anglican/Roman Catholic International Commission: Final Report, Windsor, 1981
Catholic/Orthodox Joint Commission: The Mystery of the Church and of the Eucharist in the light of the Mystery of the Holy Trinity, Munich, July 1982
Celebration of Faith to Welcome Pope John Paul II, Canterbury Cathedral, May 1982