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N. 51 (1983/I-II)




Archbishop Torrella and Fr P. Duprey

Pope John Paul II and Ecumenism, January to May 1983

Plenary Meeting of the Secretariat, January 31 to February 5, 1983

The Cardinal President’s Prolusio
Relations with the Churches of the East
Relations with other Churches
Relations with the World Council of Churches
Commission for Religious Relations with Judaism

Delegations and Visits:

Visit of the Catholicos of Cilicia, April 1983
Visit of British Church Leaders, April 1983
Visit of the Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch, May 1983

Documentation Supplement

Central Committee of World Council of Churches, July 1982

Prayer for Unity, 1984:

Letter of the Secretariat
Material for Week of Prayer, 1984: Called to be One through the Cross of Our Lord