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N. 81 (1992/III-IV)



Documentation on Ecumenical Statements and Initiatives of the Holy See
in Regard to Central and Eastern Europe in the New Situation

January 1989-October 1992


I. Ecumenical statements during papal visits to countries in Central and Eastern Europe

A. Visit to the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, April 21-22, 1990
B. Pastoral Visit to Poland, June 1-10, 1991
C. Pastoral Visit to Hungary, August 16-20, 1991

II. Statements in Bilateral and Multilateral Contexts supporting ecumenical cooperation

A. Relations with the Ecumenical Patriarchate
B. Relations with the Patriarchate of Moscow
C. Concerning Yugoslavia (and the former yugoslavia)
D. Concerning Romania
E. Concerning Bulgaria
F. Concerning Armenia
G. Concerning Greece
H. Concerning Europe in general

III. Internal Catholic Statements and Initiatives

A. Toward Resolving Religious Tensions in Central and Eastern Europe

- Major Policy Statements
- Other Important Statements on the issue

B.  Additional Statements Supporting Ecumenical Cooperation in Europe

IV. Special Assembly for Europe of the Synod of Bishops, November 28-December 14, 1991: Ecumenical Aspects

A. Preparation 1990-1991

Statements of Pope John Paul II

B. The Assembly, November 28-December 14, 1991

1.  The Fraternal Delegates
2.  The Pope’s Homily at the Opening Mass, November 28, 1991
3.  Plenary Congregations
4.  Ecumenical Prayer Service
5.  Message to Political Leaders of Europe
6.  The small Groups (Circuli Minores)
7.  Pope’s Address at Final General Congregation
8. The Declaration of the Synod

C.   The Pope’s references to the special assembly afterwards

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