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N. 82 (1993/I)




Pope John Paul II and Ecumenism, January-June, 1992

Visit of the Delegation from the Ecumenical Patriarchate, June 26-30, 1992

Visit of the Delegation from the World Methodist Council, March 23-26, 1992

Visit of the Delegation from the Lutheran World Federation, April 22-24, 1992

Dialogue between the Polish National Catholic Church and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops in the USA: Cardinal Cassidy’s visit, February 15, 1992

Ecumenical News

Meeting of the Joint Working Group (RCC/WCC), March 8-14, 1992
Visit of the Archbishop of Canterbury to Rome, May 24-25, 1992
The Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church, June, 1992
Pentecostal/Roman Catholic Dialogue, July 18-25, 1992

Common Bible Work

Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews

The 14th Meeting of the International Liaison Committee (ILC) between the Catholic Church and IJCIC, Baltimore, MD, USA, May 4-7, 1992

Documentation Supplement

International bilateral dialogues involving the Catholic Church 1965-1991: Meetings, Reports, Bibliography

Catholic response to ARCIC

Cardinal Cassidy’s Letter

The Response