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N. 84 (1993/III-IV)




Meeting of representatives of the National Episcopal Commissions for ecumenism, May 5-10, 1993

Prolusio, by His Eminence Cardinal Edward I. Cassidy
The Activity of Ecumenical Commissions, by Bishop Basil Meeking
Ecumenical Formation, by Bishop Patrick Kelly
Relations with the Jewish People, by Fr. Remi Hoeckman
Audience with the Holy Father
Letter from Pontifical Council to Presidents of Ecumenical Commissions of Synods of Eastern Catholic Churches and of Episcopal Conferences

Perspectives on the Directory for the Application of Principles and Norms on Ecumenism

Introductory Note on the Revised Ecumenical Directory, Cardinal Edward Idris Cassidy, President

The Revised Ecumenical Directory: Process, Content, Supporting Principles, Msgr Eleuterio F. Fortino, Under-Secretary

The Publication of the Revised Directory

Orthodox/Catholic Relations

Visit to Rome of a Delegation of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, June 28–30, 1993

Discourses on Occasion of the Orthodox-Catholic International Dialogue, Balamand School of Theology, Lebanon, June 17-24, 1993

Errata corrige-Addenda to the English Version of the Balamand Statement

Visit to Rome of His Holiness the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, June 8-14, 1993

Ecumenical News

Visit to Rome of a Delegation of the Serbian Patriarchate, April 2, 1993
Roman Catholic-Pentecostal International Dialogue, Paris, France, July 24-31, 1993
Anglican-Roman Catholic International Dialogue, Venice, Italy, August 28-September 6, 1993
Lutheran-Roman Catholic Joint Commission, Würzburg, Germany, September 5-11, 1993
Roman Catholic-Methodist International Commission, Venice, Italy, October 16-23, 1993

Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews

Documentation Supplement

Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church on Inter-Church Marriages

Pastoral Guidelines

“The Church as Communion in Christ”: Report of the Second Phase of the International Disciples of Christ/Roman Catholic Dialogue, 1983-1992

An Evaluation of the ‘Church as Communion in Christ’, by Father William Henn, OFM, cap.

“An Ecumenical Formation: Ecumenical Reflections and Suggestions”: A Study Document of the Joint Working Group between the Roman Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches