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N. 99 (1998/IV)



Pope John Paul II and Ecumenism, February-August, 1998

Visit of Delegation of the Holy See to the Ecumenical Patriarchate for the Feast of St. Andrew, November 30, 1998

Relations with the World Council of Churches: 8th Assembly, Harare, Zimbabwe, December 3-14, 1998

Special Assembly for Asia of the Synod of Bishops, April 19 – May 14, 1998: Some Ecumenical Aspects

Central Committee for the Great Jubilee of the year 2000
Ecumenical Commission: Letter for 1999

Way of the Cross, 1998

Ecumenical News

Mennonite-Catholic Dialogue, October 14-18, 1998

Joint Commission of the Roman Catholic-Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, October 26-30, 1998

Assyrian Church of the East/Roman Catholic Dialogue, November

Enthronement of H.B. Mesrob as Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul

Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews

The Pope’s Homily at the Canonization of Edith Stein