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 The Associations Today



Today the Association consists of about forty members, young people and adults, carefully chosen based on the responsibilities they are called to carry out in the Basilica during Liturgical Celebrations. Each of them has been accompanied and sustained, throughout at least a one year novitiate period, in performing their service and achieving the style with which the Association commits itself to carry out its tasks in the Basilica.  

The associates’ purpose is to carry out not only the gestures of the celebrations, but also to place their service within a broader journey of growth in the faith. A pathway that is open to a vast participation of the associates’ family members and friends.  

The associates also organize various prayer meetings which include the recitation of the Holy Rosary or the Psalter. In addition to this there is also a course of catechesis aimed, in a particular way, at deepening the relationship between the liturgy and Christian spirituality.    


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