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2002 11 11
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Chapter 11


1 The leaders of the people took up residence in Jerusalem, and the rest of the people cast lots to bring one man in ten to reside in Jerusalem, the holy city, while the other nine would remain in the other cities.


The people applauded all those men who willingly agreed to take up residence in Jerusalem.


These are the heads of the province who took up residence in Jerusalem. (In the cities of Judah dwelt lay Israelites, priests, Levites, temple slaves, and the descendants of the slaves of Solomon, each man on the property he owned in his own city.)


In Jerusalem dwelt both Judahites and Benjaminites. Of the Judahites: Athaiah, son of Uzziah, son of Zechariah, son of Amariah, son of Shephatiah, son of Mehallalel, of the sons of Perez;


Maaseiah, son of Baruch, son of Colhozeh, son of Hazaiah, son of Adaiah, son of Joiarib, son of Zechariah, a son of the Shelanites.


The total of the sons of Perez who dwelt in Jerusalem was four hundred and sixty-eight valiant men.


These were the Benjaminites: Sallu, son of Meshullam, son of Joed, son of Pedaiah, son of Kolaiah, son of Maaseiah, son of Ithiel, son of Jeshaiah,


and his brethren, warriors, nine hundred and twenty-eight in number.


Joel, son of Zichri, was their commander, and Judah, son of Hassenuah, was second in charge of the city.


Among the priests were: Jedaiah; Joiarib; Jachin;


Seraiah, son of Hilkiah, son of Meshullam, son of Zadok, son of Meraioth, son of Ahitub, the ruler of the house of God,


and their brethren who carried out the temple service, eight hundred and twenty-two; Adaiah, son of Jeroham, son of Pelaliah, son of Amzi, son of Zechariah, son of Pashhur, son of Malchijah,


and his brethren, family heads, two hundred and forty-two; and Amasai, son of Azarel, son of Ahzai, son of Meshillemoth, son of Immer,


and his brethren, warriors, one hundred and twenty-eight. Their commander was Zabdiel, son of Haggadol.


Among the Levites were Shemaiah, son of Hasshub, son of Azrikam, son of Hashabiah, son of Bunni;


Shabbethai and Jozabad, levitical chiefs who were placed over the external affairs of the house of God;


Mattaniah, son of Micah, son of Zabdi, son of Asaph, director of the psalms, who led the thanksgiving at prayer; Bakbukiah, second in rank among his brethren; and Abda, son of Shammua, son of Galal, son of Jeduthun.


The total of the Levites in the holy city was two hundred and eighty-four.


The gatekeepers were Akkub, Talmon, and their brethren, who kept watch over the gates; one hundred and seventy-two in number.


The rest of Israel, including priests and Levites, were in all the other cities of Judah, each man in his inheritance.


The temple slaves lived on Ophel. Ziha and Gishpa were in charge of the temple slaves.


The prefect of the Levites in Jerusalem was Uzzi, son of Bani, son of Hashabiah, son of Mattaniah, son of Micah; he was one of the sons of Asaph, the singers appointed to the service of the house of God


for they had been appointed by royal decree, and there was a fixed schedule for the singers assigning them their daily duties.


Pethahiah, son of Meshezabel, a descendant of Zerah, son of Judah, was royal deputy in all affairs that concerned the people.


As concerns their villages in the country: Judahites lived in Kiriath-arba and its dependencies, in Dibon and its dependencies, in Jekabzeel and its villages,


in Jeshua, Moladah, Beth-pelet,


in Hazarshual, in Beer-sheba and its dependencies,


in Ziklag, in Meconah and its dependencies,


in En-rimmon, Zorah, Jarmuth,


Zanoah, Adullam, and their villages, Lachish and its countryside, Azekah and its dependencies. They were settled from Beer-sheba to ge-hinnom.


Benjaminites were in Geba, Michmash, Aija, Bethel and its dependencies,


Anathoth, Nob, Ananiah,


Hazor, Ramah, Gittaim,


Hadid, Zeboim, Neballat,


Lod, Ono, and the Valley of the Artisans.


Some sections of the Levites from Judah settled in Benjamin.


1 [1-19] This list of the family heads who lived in Jerusalem at the time of Nehemiah is best read after Nehemiah 7:72a. It is basically the same as that given in 1 Chron 9:2-17 but there are many differences between the two lists.

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