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New American Bible

2002 11 11
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Chapter 42


Then he led me north to the outer court, bringing me to some chambers on the north that lay across the free area and which were also across from the building.


Their length was a hundred cubits on the north side, and they were fifty cubits wide.


Across the twenty cubits of the inner court and the pavement of the outer court, there were three parallel rows of them on different levels.


In front of the chambers, to the inside, was a walk ten cubits broad and a wall of one cubit; but the entrances of the chambers were on the north.


1 The outermost chambers were the lowest, for the system of levels set them at a level lower than the closest chambers and those in between;


for they were in three rows and had no foundations to conform with the foundations of the courts, therefore they were on a lower terrace of the ground than the closest and the middle chambers.


On the far side there was a wall running parallel to the chambers along the outer court; its length before these chambers was fifty cubits,


for the length of the chambers belonging to the outer court was fifty cubits, but along its entire length the wall measured one hundred cubits.


Below these chambers there was the way in from the east, so that one could enter from the outer court


where the wall of the court began. To the south along the side of the free area and the building there were also chambers,


before which was a passage. These looked like the chambers to the north, just as long and just as wide, with the same exits and plan and entrances.


Below the chambers to the south there was an entrance at the beginning of the way which led to the back wall, by which one could enter from the east.


2 He said to me, "The north and south chambers which border on the free area are the sanctuary chambers; here the priests who draw near to the LORD shall eat the most sacred meals, and here they shall keep the most sacred offerings: cereal offerings, sin offerings, and guilt offerings; for it is a holy place.


When the priests have once entered, they shall not leave the holy place for the outer court until they have left here the clothing in which they ministered, for it is holy. They shall put on other garments, and then approach the place destined for the people."


When he had finished measuring the inner temple area, he brought me out by way of the gate which faces east and measured all the limits of the court.


He measured the east side: five hundred cubits by his measuring rod. Then he turned


and measured the north side: five hundred cubits by the measuring rod. He turned


to the south and measured five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.


Then he turned to the west and measured five hundred cubits by the measuring rod.


Thus he measured it in the four directions, five hundred cubits long and five hundred cubits wide. It was surrounded by a wall, to separate the sacred from the profane.



1 [5-6] The three rows of identical chambers, since they rested on different ground levels, necessarily had roofs on correspondingly different levels.

2 [13] The function of these chambers is explained again in Ezekiel 46:19-20.

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