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Sabato, 19 gennaio 1957


It is a pleasure, Right Honourable Sir, to extend a sincere welcome to Your Excellency Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and to those illustrious members of your staff, who have accompanied you. The cordial relations existing between this Holy See and Her Majesty's Government have long been a source of great gratification to Us; and His Excellency the British Minister, here present, continuing the tradition of mutual comprehension and friendly cooperation, while ably fulfilling the lofty mission entrusted to him, has maintained, We feel confident, strength and stability to those relations.

And then when Our thoughts turn to the beloved people of your country, Our heart becomes conscious of those other, deeper, spiritual bonds of abiding affection, cherished legacy left to Us by Our predecessors. It is this affection that quickens Our admiration for the courage and sense of solidarity, with which they have always shown themselves ready for sacrifice and magnificent self-discipline, when demanded by the common good. We are fully aware, as are you, Right Honourable Sir, that today an unusually heavy responsibility rests on the Foreign Ministries of nations for the peoples, whose interest they are charged to safeguard and develop; and We want to assure you and your colleagues of Our prayerful good wishes for your success.

This occasion offers Us an opportunity to renew the expression of Our esteem and respect for the August Sovereign, whom you are privileged to serve. May God protect and comfort her royal person. On the royal family may heaven's choicest graces descend. And may all the peoples, who owe allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, enjoy through God's bountiful providence increasing happiness, progress and prosperity.

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