of dehumanization which would then be hard
to reverse. We need to distinguish clearly what
might be a fruit of the kingdom from what runs
counter to God’s plan. This involves not only
recognizing and discerning spirits, but also – and
this is decisive – choosing movements of the
spirit of good and rejecting those of the spirit
of evil. I take for granted the different analyses
which other documents of the universal magis-
terium have offered, as well as those proposed
by the regional and national conferences of bish-
ops. In this Exhortation I claim only to consider
briefly, and from a pastoral perspective, certain
factors which can restrain or weaken the impulse
of missionary renewal in the Church, either be-
cause they threaten the life and dignity of God’s
people or because they affect those who are di-
rectly involved in the Church’s institutions and in
her work of evangelization.
I. S
challenges of
s world
52. In our time humanity is experiencing a
turning-point in its history, as we can see from
the advances being made in so many fields. We
can only praise the steps being taken to improve
people’s welfare in areas such as health care, ed-
ucation and communications. At the same time
we have to remember that the majority of our
contemporaries are barely living from day to day,
with dire consequences. A number of diseases
are spreading. The hearts of many people are
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