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Delegations of the Orthodox Churches

Ecumenical Patriarchate

H.H. Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, Ecumenical Patriarch
H.E. Gennadios, Archbishop of Italy, Exarch for Eastern Europe [of the Ecumenical Patriarchate]
H.E. Cyril, Metropolitan of Imbros
H.E. Johannis, Metropolitan of Pergamon
Rev. Deacon Dositheos Anagnostopoulos
[Mr Nicholas Manginas, photographer]

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa

H.E. Petros, Metropolitan of Aksum

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem

Rev. Archimandrite Theoktistos Samios, Exarch of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem in Athens
Prof. Spyridon Kontoyannis, Lecturer at the University of Athens

Patriarchate of Moscow

H.E. Kirill, Metropolitan of Smolensk and Kaliningrad, President of the Department for Foreign Ecclesiastical Relations of the Patriarchate
Rev. Igor Vyzhanov, Acting Secretary for Relations with the Catholic Church of the Department for Foreign Ecclesiastical Relations of the Patriarchate

Ukrainian Orthodox Church [Patriarchate of Moscow]

H.E. Mitrofan, Archbishop of Pereiaslav-Khmelnitskii, Chargé d'Affaires of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church of Georgia

H.E. Daniel [Datuashvili], Metropolitan of Tskhum-Abkhazia
H.E. Gerasime [Sharashenidze], Bishop of Zugdidi and Tsaishi
Head of Interecclesial Relations of the Orthodox Church of Georgia
Rev. Archpriest Giorgi Zviadadze

Orthodox Patriarchate of Serbia

H.E. Jovan, Metropolitan of Zagreb, Lubiana and All Italy
H.E. Lavrentije, Bishop of Sabac-Valjevo

Orthodox Patriarchate of Romania

H.E. Daniel, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina
H.E. Iosif, Metropolitan for Western and Southern Europe of the Romanian Orthodox Church
Rev. Fr Ciprian Campineanul, Assistant to the Patriarch
H.E. Siluan, Bishop Assistant to the Metropolitan for Western and Southern Europe
Rev. Deacon Costin Spiridon, Protocol Office of the Patriarchate

Orthodox Church of Finland

H.E. Leo, Archbishop of Karelia and All Finland

Orthodox Church of Bulgaria

H.E. Neofit, Metropolitan of Russe
H.E. Dometian, Metropolitan of Vidin
H.E. Tihon, Bishop Vicar of the Metropolitan of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church for Europe
Rev. Deacon Dionissii

Orthodox Church of the Czech Republic and of Slovakia

Rev. Ladislav Bilý, Chancellor of the Metropolitan Curia
Rev. Ján Novák, Secretary of the Metropolitan Curia

Orthodox Church of Cyprus

H.E. Chrysostomos, Metropolitan of Paphos, Acting Archbishop of Nea Justiniana and Cyprus
H.E. Basilios, Bishop of Tremithus, Assistant Bishop
H.E. Nikiphoros, Bishop of Kykkou, Hegumen of the Sacred Monastery of Kykkou
Rev. Dyonisios Papachristophorou, Abbot of the Monastery of Chrysoroyatissa
Rev. Archimandrite Isaias, Sacred Monastery of Kykkou

Orthodox Church of Greece

H.B. Christodoulos, Archbishop of Athens and All Greece
H.E. Ignatios, Metropolitan of Demetrias; President of the Synodal Committee for Inter-Orthodox and Inter-Christian Relations
H.E. Nectarios, Metropolitan of Corfu
H.E. Dorotheos, Metropolitan of Syros
Rev. Proto-Presbyter Thomas Synodinos, Chancellor of the Archdiocese of Athens
Rev. Archimandrite Ignatios Sotiriadis, Secretary of the Synodal Commission for Inter-Christian Relations

Orthodox Church of Poland

H.E. Jeremiasz, Archbishop of Wrocław and Szczecin

Orthodox Church of Albania

H.B. Anastas, Archbishop of Tirana and All Albania
Rev. Deacon Bakalbassi

Orthodox Church in America

H.E. Seraphim, Bishop of Ottawa
Rev. Dr Alexander Rentel, Lecturer, St Vladimir's Orthodox Theological Seminary
Delegations of the Eastern Orthodox Churches [Ancient Churches of the East]

Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Egypt

H.E. Barnaba El-Soryany, Bishop of Orthodox Copts in Italy

Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East

S.E. Mar Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim, Archbishop of Aleppo

Armenian Apostolic Church

See of Etchmiadzin

H.H. Karekin II, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians
H.B. Mesrob II [Mutafian], Armenian Patriarch of Istanbul
S.E. Khajag [Barsamian], Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the United States (New York)
Rev. Fr Geghard Vahuni, [Private Secretary of the Patriarch]
Rev. Fr Tatul Anushian, [Armenian Patriarchate of Istanbul]

Catholicossate of Cilicia for Armenians

See of Antelias

H.H. Aram I, Catholicos of Cilicia for Armenians
H.E. Bishop Nareg Alemezian, Head of Relations with the Catholic Churches

Orthodox Church of Ethiopia

H.H. Abba Paulus, Patriarch of Ethiopia
H.E. Abuna Dr Timotheos [Habtselassie Tesfa], Archbishop, Rector of St Trinity Theological College
H.E. Abuna Filipos [Gebremariam Feleke], Archbishop of Illubabor
Mr Ato Mulgete Bekele

Orthodox Church of Eritrea

H.E. Abuna Shenouda, Bishop of the Eritrean Churches in Europe

The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Catholicate of the East

H.G. Philipose Mar Eusebios, Metropolitan of Thumpamon; President of the Inter-Church Relations Committee

Assyrian Church of the East

H.H. Mar Dinkha IV, Catholicos Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East
H.E. Mar Bawai Ashur Soro,
Bishop of Eastern (U.S.A.), General Secretary of the Commission on Inter-Church Relations and Education Development (CIRED)
Christian Churches and Communions of the West

Anglican Communion

His Grace the Most Reverend and Right Honourable Dr Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury
Rev. Canon Kenneth Kearon, General Secretary of the Anglican Communion
Rev. Canon Gregory Camerun, Vice-General Secretary and Director for Ecumenical Questions and Relations of the Anglican Communion
H.G. Bishop John Flack, Representative of the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Holy See, Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome
H.G. Peter Carnley, Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Co-President of the Joint Catholic Anglican International Commission (ARCIC)
H.G. Geoffrey Rowell, Bishop of the Diocese of Gibraltar and for Europe and Rome
H.G. David Hamid, Suffragan Bishop of the Diocese of Gibraltar and for Europe and Rome
Rev. Andrew Norman, First Chaplain of the Archbishop of Canterbury
Rev. Jonathan Goodall, Chaplain of H.G. Bishop Rowell
Mrs Julia Flack, Consort of Bishop John Flack
Mr Jemery Harris, [Staff of Lambeth Palace]

Old Catholic Churches of the Union of Utrecht

H.G. Joris Vercammen, President of the Union of Utrecht

Lutheran World Federation

Rev. Dr Ishmael Noko, Secretary General of the Lutheran World Federation

Methodist World Council

Rev. Dr George Freeman, General Secretary of the Methodist World Council
Mrs Virginia Freeman, Consort of Dr Freeman
Rev. Prof. Geoffrey Wainwright, Co-President of the Joint International Commission for Catholic-Methodist Dialogue

World Alliance of Reformed Churches

Rev. Dr Setri Nyomi, General Secretary of the World Alliance of Reformed Churches

World Baptist Alliance

Dr David Coffey, President of the British Free Church Council and President appointed by the World Baptist Alliance
Dr Denton Lotz, General Secretary of the World Baptist Alliance
Mrs Janice Lotz, Consort of Dr Denton Lotz
Dr Tony Peck, General Secretary of the European Baptist Federation

Mennonite World Conference

Dr Larry Miller, Executive Secretary of the Mennonite World Conference

Disciples of Christ [Disciples of Christ, Christian Church]

Rev. Dr Robert Welsh, President, "Council for Christian Unity", Disciples of Christ
Ms Nancy Welsh, Consort of Dr Robert Welsh

Salvation Army

Major Massimo Paone
Major Jane Paone
Representing the Department for Interecclesial Relations of the Salvation Army
Christian International Organizations

World Council of Churches

Rev. Dr Samuel Kobia, General Secretary
H.G. Jonas Jonson, Lutheran Bishop of Strägnäs, Sweden, Co-President of the Joint Work Group of the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches
Mrs Teny Pirri-Simonian, General Director of WCC, Co-Secretary of the Joint Working Group

Conference of European Churches

H.E. Daniel, Metropolitan of Moldova and Bucovina, President (Metropolitan Daniel is also included in the Delegation of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Romania)
Rev. Dr Keith Winston Clements, General Secretary

Delegations of Judaism

Rome and Italy

Dr Riccardo Di Segni, Chief Rabbi of Rome
Prof. Elio Toaff, Chief Rabbi emeritus of Rome
Prof. Amos Luzzatto, President of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities
Mr Leone Paserman, President of the Jewish Community of Rome


Rabbi Shear Yashuv Cohen, Grand Rabbi of Haifa
Dr Oded Wiener, General Director of the Grand Rabbinate of Israel

World Jewish Congress

Rabbi Israel Singer, President of the Governing Board of the World Jewish Congress, President of the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC)
Mrs Evelyne Singer, Consort of Rabbi Singer
Mrs Maram Stern, Vice-General Secretary of the World Jewish Congress
H.E. Shmul Hadas, Former Ambassador of Israel to the Holy See
Rabbi Arthur Schneier, President, Appeal of Conscience Foundation
Special Guests of the Churches and Ecclesial Communions

Church of Scotland

Dr Alison Elliot, OBE, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

National Lutheran Churches

Landesbischof Wolfgang Huber, President of the Evanghelische Kirche Deutschlands (EKD) [German Evangelical Churches]
H.G. Karl-Gustav Hammar, Archbishop President of the Lutheran Church of Sweden
H.G. Jukka Paarma, Archbishop President of the Lutheran Church of Finland
H.G. Finn Wagle, Bishop of Nidaros, Lutheran Church of Norway

Polish National Church [United States]

Most Rev. Robert M. Nemkovich, Bishop Primate
Rev. Robert M. Nemkovich, Jr., Member of the Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Polish National Church of the United States
Rev. Ramsi Musallam

World Alliance of YMCAs

Dr Bartholomew Shaha, General Secretary
Mr Alessandro Indovina, President of YMCAs Italy
Mr Stefano Tomarelli, General Secretary of YMCAs of Italy

Billy Graham Evangelist Association

Dr John Akers
Dr Anne Graham Lotz
Mr Morrow Reitmaier
Dr Margaret Hoenig

Universal Biblical Alliance

Dr Valdo Bertalot, General Secretary, Biblical Alliance in Italy

Representatives of other Churches
and Ecclesial Communities in Rome and in Italy:
Exponents of Judaism

Mr Roger Cukierman, National President of the Centre of Representation of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF)
Dr Richard Prasquier, President of Yad-Vashem, National Delegate of CRIF for relations with Catholics
Grand Rabbi Michel Serfaty, Delegate of the Consistory of Paris for Relations with Catholics
[The above-mentioned Delegation is accompanied by Rev. Patrick Desbois, Secretary of the Episcopal Committee for Relations with Jews of the French Bishops' Conference].
Maestro Gilbert Levine
Mr Daniel Berger
Rabbi Joseph Ehrenkranz,
Executive Director, Center for Christian Jewish Understanding, Sacred Heart University (Fairfield, U.S.A.)
Dr Anthony J. Cernera, Ph.D., President, Sacred Heart University
Mr Thomas Cernera


Representatives of Other Religions and
Organizations for Interreligious Dialogue


Islamic Cultural Centre of Italy (Mosque, Rome)

Dr Abdellah Redouane, General Secretary
Sheikh Mahmoud Hammad Ibrahim Sheweita, Imam

Druse Community in Israel

Sheikh Muwaffaq Tarif, Spiritual Leader
Mr Kamel Salameh, Secretary
Sheikh Hassan Tarif,
Staff Member

Religious Delegation of Albania

Sheikh Selim Muca, Grand Mufti of Albania
Sheikh Rashad Bardhi, Grand "Nono" of the Bektashana Organization in the World
Mr Ilir Kulla, President of the State Committee for Forms of Religious Worship
Mr Syrja Xhelaj, Staff Member

Al-Khoei Foundation (London, U.K.)

Sayyed Saheb Khoei, Secretary General
Qassim al-Jalali, Imam
Shaykh Salah Bilal, Religious Affairs
Mr Yousef al-Khoei, Director of Public Relations

World Islamic Call Society (Tripoli, Libya)

Dr Mansour Tantush, Director of the Rome Office

Union of Islamic Communities and Organizations in Italy (U.C.O.I.)

Dr Mohamed Nour Dachan, President
Dr Abd al-Qadir Muhammad,
Imam of the Islamic Community, Perugia

Italian Islamic Religious Community (Milan)

Shaykh Abd al-Wahid Pallavicini, President


Rissho Kosei Kai (Tokyo, Japan)

Rev. Michio Matsubara, Director, External Affairs Department
Rev. Yasutomo Sawahata, Staff Member
Mr Yuichiro Taketani, Staff Member

Shinnyo-En Buddhist Order, Italy

Rev. Yutaga Okano from the Temple in Japan
Rev. Luigi Nico Vozza, General Secretary of Shinnyo-en Italy, from the Temple in Milan

Buddhist Monastery of Rome

Ven. Dheerananda, Monk from Sri Lanka in Italy


Guru Nanak Nishkam Sewa Jatha (Birmingham, U.K.)

Bhai Sahibji Mohinder Singh Ahluwalia, Founder
Seva Mandla, Staff Member


Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (London, U.K.)

Sr Maureen, Representative of the Head, Ms Dadi Janki
Sr Wendy, Staff Member

International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

Enzo Barchi (Ekadashi Nath)
Roberto Cultrera (Raghubeer das)
Alessandra (Akashini Radhika dasi)

Siddha Shiva Center (U.S.A.)

Jeevan Mukta Swami Ganapati
Erick Philips
Marc Oliver Manser

Organizations for Interreligious Dialogue

World Conference of Religions for Peace (W.C.R.P. Europe)

Mr Jehangir Sarosh (Zoroastrian, Moderator)
Mrs Lisa Palmieri-Billig (Vice-Moderator)

"Arigatou Foundation" in Geneva

Ms Agneta Ucko, Representative of the President
Mr Keishi Miyamoto