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Prot. N. 309/14


The Lord Jesus, the eternal shepherd, having been raised from the dead and taken up into heaven, did not abandon his flock, but through the ages guards and governs them with the continual protection of those he has made his vicars. Conformed to the Shepherd of Shepherds, and serving the sheeo of his flock with true charity, Saint John XXIII and  Saint John Paul II stand out among these Popes.

Truly they have not despised the Cross of Christ and the wounds of the brethren, and filled with the boldness of the Holy Spirit, have offered to the Church and to the world outstanding living testimony to the kindness and mercy of God, who loves all things which he has called into bring, and spares all, because they are his (cf. Wisdom 11, 24-26). Moreover, these two successors of the Fisherman have themselves increased among the People of God, the living hope and indescribable joy that have been accumulated by the gift of the risen Lord (cf. 1 Peter 1, 3.8), for which in turn the People of God have honored them with grateful and everlasting remembrance.

Furthermore, the Church recalls with fervent prayers the excellence of life and doctrine and that "science of love" shining forth, which derives from the illumination of the Spirit through the experience of the mysteries of God, by which she has benefited from their pastoral care and now rejoices spiritually at their intercession.

Having weighed the considerable excellence of these great and holy Pontiffs as an example of the virtues for the clergy and the Christian faithful, and as nourishing their life in Christ, the Supreme Pontiff Francis, taking into consideration the universal whishes of the People of God from many and diverse regions of the world, has decreed that the celebrations of Pope Saint John XXIII and Pope Saint John Paul II should be inserted into the General Roman Calendar, to be observed annually with the rank of Optional Memorial, the first on 11 October, the second on 22 October.

These new Memorials are therefore to be inserted in every order for the celebration of Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours, and reference to them is to be printed henceforth in the liturgical books, published under the authority of the Conferences of Bishops.

With regard to the liturgical texts in honor of Pope Saint John Paul II, those attached to the decree of this Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for 2 April 2011 (Prot. N. 118/11/L) have already been approved and issued and are to be maintained. With regard to the texts in honor of Pope Saint John XXIII, those here attached are to be used, and by virtue of this decree, are now declared typical and are to be sent to the press.

All things to the contrary notwithstanding.

From the offices of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, 29 May 2014, on the Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord.

Antonio Card. Cañizares Llovera

+ Arthur Roche
Archbishop Secretary