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Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

on the meaning to be given to the approval
of the translations of the Sacramental Formulas


The reform of the liturgy, carried put in accordance with the Constitution of the Second Vatican Council; has also introduced certain modifications in the very essence of the sacramental rites. These new words, just as the others, were to be translated into the vernacular in such a way as to express the original meaning according to the characteristic genius of the various languages. From this certain difficulties have arisen which come to light when such translations are submitted by the Episcopal Conferences for the approval of the Apostolic See. In this situation the S. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith again reminds those concerned that the translation of the essential formulas in the rites of the Sacraments must tender faithfully the original sense of the Latin typical text. Bearing this in mind it makes known:

The Apostolic See, after due examination of the translation into the vernacular of a Sacramental formula submitted to it, when it deems that it expresses exactly the sense intended by the Church, it approves and confirms it, while at the ame time decreeing that the sense of the translation must be understood according to the mind of the Church expressed fey the original Latin text.

With the approbation of the Holy Father granted in an Audience to the Cardinal Prefect oh 25 January 1974.

Francis Card. ŠEPER


Jérôme HAMER, O.P.


* L’Osservatore Romano, English Edition, November 7, 1974, page 14.