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  The Great Jubilee of the Year 2000  
and the Eastern Catholic Churches 


The Jubilee Year is upon us. It is an event which, by marking the ending of the second millennium and the opening of the third, has significance for all humanity. For Christians, however, it recalls the presence of Jesus Christ, the Lord of history, in a unique and particular way. The Catholic Church intends to use this time of grace to make the most of the richness of the diverse traditions which converge in full communion. Therefore, during this Holy Year, the Eastern Catholic Churches are called to display their own specific features. 

With this guide, the Congregation for the Oriental Churches wishes to make its own contribution to a full and effective celebration of this Holy Year by providing some information for both the clergy and lay faithful. 

The first part aims to highlight some of the elements of the Eastern heritage which are particularly significant with reference to the Holy Year. The second and third parts aim to offer practical, if concise, help to the faithful of Eastern Churches who are making a Jubilee pilgrimage to Rome, pointing out events and places of encounter between Rome and the East in such a way as to enrich their journey of faith. 

This guide is also offered to the faithful of the Latin Church as a means of widening their horizons and receiving the gifts which the Christian East cannot fail to offer on this occasion to the whole Catholic world. 

In outlining these features, our fraternal thoughts are also extended to the faithful of the Eastern Churches, those who are not yet in full communion with the Catholic Church but share the same liturgical and patristic treasures with Eastern Catholics, in the hope that they will also find the book useful for reflection and prayer.