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President of "Cor Unum"

-  GUATEMALA: Cardinal Sarah in mission in Guatemala (18 March 2014)
[English, French, Italian, Spanish]

- PHILIPPINES: Mission of the President, Card. Robert Sarah, in the region struck by typhoons Haiyan and Yolanda in the Philippines (25 January 2014)
[English, French, Italian, Spanish]

   Video available in Italian

- Burundi: Visit of Cardinal Sarah (1-6 March 2011)

  • Cardinal Sarah inaugurates the school in Muyaga donated by Pope Benedict XVI(5 March 2011) [French, Italian]
  • Homily of Cardinal Robert Sarah during the Holy Mass for the family at the Marian Sanctuary of Mount Sion, Gikungu, Burundi (1 March 2011)

- Haiti: Cardinal Sarah in haiti for earthquake anniversary  (10-13 January 2011) [English, French, Italian, Spanish]

Missions of CARDINAL Cordes  

President of "Cor Unum"


- USA, NEW ORLEANS: Katrina Emergency (September 2005)

  • The President of "Cor Unum" - Special Envoy of the Pope (10 September 2005) [Italian]
    - Note of the President of "Cor Unum" on his mission to the U.S.A.[Italian]

- SOUTHEAST ASIA: Tsunami emergency (January 2005)

- SAINT PETERSBURG : Visit  to the IV General Assembly of Caritas Russia (17-19 January 2005) [Italian]

- STRASBOURG: Visit to the European Parliament (15-16 December 2004) [Italian]

- DARFUR, SUDAN, Refugees (July 22-26, 2004):

- HAITI and DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Visit to the victims  of the floods in "Rio Soleil" (19-25 June  2004) [Italian]

- IRAQ: Visit to organize humanitarian aid after the war (28 May  - 3 June 2003) [Italian, Spanish]

- COLOMBIA, European and American Bishops  visit the Colombian Episcopal Conference (12-19 May 2003):

  • Conclusive Press Conference with the Message from Pope John Paul II on the occasion of Archbishop Cordes' visit [Italian, Spanish]
  • Visit by Archbishop Cordes [Italian]

- VIETNAM: Visit to Church and Social and Charitable Works (14-20 January 2003) [Italian]

- UKRAINE : Visit to support cooperation in the field of charitable works between the Greek-Catholic and Latin Churches  (2-3 December 2002) [Italian]

- HOLY LAND: Visit to Christians and to those who are suffering as a result of terrorism (7-10 November 2002) [French, German, Italian, Spanish]

- UGANDA: Visit to orphans of parents lost to AIDS (25-30 October 2002) [German, Italian, Spanish]

- GENEVA: Visit to international humanitarian institutions (8-9 October 2002) [French, Italian, Spanish]

- PAKISTAN: refugees (25-30 October 2001)

- PANAMA and PERU: Visit for meetings on the Christian roots of charitable activities (19-22 July 2001) [German, Italian, Spanish]

- FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF YUGOSLAVIA: Visit for the coordination of humanitarian initiatives (4-5 June 2001) [German, Italian]

- EL SALVADOR: Visit to the victims of the earthquake (22-27 January 2001)

- MOZAMBIQUE: Visit to the victims of floods (9-12 March 2000)  
[French, German, Italian, Spanish]

- TAIWAN: Visit to the victims of the earthquake (11-18 January 2000)  
[German, Italian]