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(2-3 OCTOBER 1999)


 On 2 and 3 October 1999, His Excellency Archbishop Paul Josef Cordes will be in Kosovo.  The  President of the Pontifical Council "Cor Unum", the Dicastery of Charity of the Holy See, was already sent to the Holy Father to Albania and to Macedonia as a result of the conflict an will be in Kosovo to encourage the many individuals and organisations engaged in giving a witness of Christ among those who are suffering.


The situation in Kosovo still presents many elements of concern.  The co-existence among the diverse ethnic groups is continously threatened, further demonstrated by the bloody attack of this past Tuesday in Pristina.  The visit seeks to contribute to the reconstruction of a peaceful co-existence in the region where all, Albanians and Serbs, have the right to build their own homes.


Archbishop Cordes will meet with Catholic Organisations and the Caritas Network in Prizren on the afternoon of 2 October.  These organisations pursue efforts in favour of the population encouraging the repatriation of refugees and programmes of reconstruction.  To date, allocated assistance amout tsto over thirty million US dollars.


On 3 October, a Mass will be celebrated in Bishtazhin on the occasion of the traditional Marian Feast held in this region.  Twenty thousand person from the Christian and Moslem Communities are expect.  The presence of the Albania leader, I. Rugova is anticipated.


Vatican City, 1 October 1999