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Practical Organization

Episcopal Conferences, as well as Movements, Associations, and Communities may establish “General Headquarters” in Rome, in order to assist their own groups in the preparation and the participation in World Youth Day. The ICWYD (CIGMG) is available to help them find appropriate facilities.

1. GroupsÂ’ Enrolment

All those who want to participate in the XV World Youth Day will have to register officially. Registration is indispensable, also for groups arranging their own accommodation, for those planning to stay in hotels, as well as for young people living in Rome.

Since World Youth Day activities are addressed to youth, it is preferable that participants be at least 16 years of age.

The registration form, duly filled in, should be returned to the Youth Section of the Pontifical Council for the Laity (PCL) by 30th April 2000.

The BishopsÂ’ Conferences, as well as the international Movements, Associations and Communities, may serve as a first collecting point for the applications of the various national groups, so that more uniform data may be sent to the PCL. Groups or individuals who do not intend to use this possibility may nevertheless register directly with the Council. However, special care should be taken to avoid double enrolment of the same group.

Following enrolment each group will be given a registration number, which must be referred to in successive communications. The Italian Committee for World Youth Day (ICWYD) will contact directly the group leader and provide a second form to collect more specific details, necessary for organising the stay in Rome.

2. Solidarity Fund

As customary, to help young people coming from less privileged countries, a Solidarity Fund has been established. Each participant will contribute a sum equivalent to US$10.

On registration, the group leader will pay the total sum of the contributions to the PCL (or to the BishopsÂ’ Conference, international Movement, Association or Community if it acts as the collecting point), by sending with the registration form a non transferable bank cheque or the sum in cash.

3. Accommodation Expenses

Two types of accommodation will be offered: the "simple" (which is recommended in order to foster a deep experience of brotherhood and solidarity) and the hotel accommodation. The preference is to be clearly indicated in the enclosed registration form.

To respond to the various needs of participants, including those who will arrange their own food and lodging, the ICWYD offers the following "package-deals":



food, lodging, transport, civil-risk insurance, pilgrimÂ’s bag

  220.000 Lit (= euro 113,620)

A.1 From supper on Aug. 14th to lunch of the 20th   

  240.000 Lit (= euro 123,950)

A.2 From supper on Aug. 15th to lunch of the 20th   

A.3 From supper on Aug. 16th to lunch of the 20th   

  200.000 Lit (= euro 103,292)

A.4 From supper on Aug. 17th to lunch of the 20th   

175.000 Lit (= euro 90,380)

A.5 From supper on Aug. 18th to lunch of the 20th   

150.000 Lit (= euro 77,470)


lodging, transport, civil-risk insurance, pilgrimÂ’s bag,
food only on the 19th (lunch and supper) and the 20th (breakfast and lunch)

B.1 From evening Aug. 14th   

  160.000 Lit (= euro 82,634)

B.2 From evening Aug. 15th   

  155.000 Lit (= euro 80,050)

B.3 From evening Aug. 16th   

  150.000 Lit (= euro 77,469)

B.4 From evening Aug. 17th   

  145.000 Lit (= euro 74,887)

B.5 From evening Aug. 18th   

  140.000 Lit (= euro 72,304)


transport, civil-risk insurance, pilgrimÂ’s bag,
food only on the 19th (lunch and supper) and the 20th (breakfast and lunch)

C.1 From evening Aug. 14th   

 135.000 Lit (= euro 69,722)

C.2 From evening Aug. 15th   

 130.000 Lit (= euro 67,140)

C.3 From evening Aug. 16th   

 125.000 Lit (= euro 64,558)

C.4 From evening Aug. 17th   

 115.000 Lit (= euro 59,393)

C.5 From evening Aug. 18th   

 105.000 Lit (= euro 54,228)


Saturday 19th Aug. and Sunday 20th Aug.
transport, civil-risk insurance, pilgrimÂ’s bag

D.1 With food at Tor Vergata   

 70.000 Lit (= euro 36,152)

D.2 Without food at Tor Vergata   

 40.000 Lit (= euro 20,660)


for the entire WYD event (irrespective of the date of arrival)
transport, civil-risk insurance, pilgrimÂ’s bag

                                                                                                        80.000 Lit (= euro 41,317)  



3.1 "Simple" accommodation

Those who will choose this kind of accommodation are requested to bring their own sleeping bag and will be lodged in simple structures (families, parishes, religious houses, schools or universities, public premises) in Rome or the surrounding province. Lodging places are available from the afternoon of August 14 and have to be left by the evening of August 20. Requests for accommodation for the night of August 20 should be made to the Italian Committee for World Youth Day (ICWYD) in advance.

3.2 Hotel accommodation

Group leaders will book hotel accommodation on their own or contact the following Service:

Servizio Accoglienza Centrale (SAC)
Central Committee for the Holy Year
Piazza San Marcello, 4
I - 00187 ROMA

Tel: +39-; Fax: +39-

E-mail <>

4. Other Requirements

It is necessary for every participant to be covered by Health Insurance.

Minors must be accompanied by adults and carry authorization from parents or guardians.

Citizens of some countries need a visa to enter Italy and attend World Youth Day. The participants concerned should present the required documentation to the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country sufficiently in advance. The ICWYD is negotiating with the Italian Authorities facilitations for obtaining visas on the occasion of World Youth Day 2000.

Every participant should bring an AM-FM radio with earphones in order to be able to listen to the simultaneous translation during the major celebrations.

5. Voluntary Service

In order to recruit and organize the largest possible number of volunteers needed for the year 2000, a Voluntary Service Centre has been set up. The Section regarding World Youth Day is located in the office of the ICWYD .

The WYD voluntary service will be divided in four branches: pastoral animation and welcoming at the celebration sites; information service; assistance for the disabled; practical services (food supply, accommodation, transportation ...)

Requirements for volunteers are the following:

  • good knowledge of the Italian language
  • 18 years of age
  • availability from August 5 - 20, 2000.

All volunteers will be asked to attend a one-week training from August 5-12, 2000. On August 13 volunteers will celebrate their Jubilee, while from August 14-20 they will be in service. Voluntary service will also be possible either from July 20 to August 4, or from August 21-30.

Food, lodging and insurance for all volunteers will be guaranteed free of charge throughout the whole period.

Applicants should fill in a special form, which is being distributed by the ICWYD, and return it by October 31, 1999.




Useful Addresses


Pontifical Council for the Laity - Youth Section
00120 - Vatican City
Tel. +39 06.698.87244; Fax +39 06.698.87112


Italian Committee for the World Youth Day 2000
Via della Pigna, 13a
I - 00186 Roma
Tel: +39-06.698.79611; Fax: +39-06.698.80500
E-mail: <>