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Rocca di Papa, May 31 - June 2, 2006



Location of Congress

The Congress will take place at the “Mondo Migliore” Center located on Via dei Laghi, km.10, in the city of Rocca di Papa (just outside of Rome). The Pontifical Council for the Laity will offer all of the invited guests of the Congress full room and board at the “Mondo Migliore” Center, beginning with dinner on Tuesday May 3 (8pm) through breakfast on Saturday, June 3. We encourage all delegates to lodge at the “Mondo Migliore” Center in order to allow all the movements and new communities to get to know each other reciprocally. Those delegates who do not wish to take advantage of this lodging arrangements are kindly asked to inform the Pontifical Council for the Laity prior to the Congress.

Eucharistic Concelebrations

Priests and bishops are asked to bring with them an alb and a white stole to use during the Eucharistic Concelebrations.

Book and information display

In order to further enrich and complement the theme of the Congress, there will be a place at the “Mondo Migliore” Center where representatives from the various movements and communities can put on display books and other promotional materials for the mutual benefit of all the participants. Those who would like to take advantage of this opportunity are asked, in due time, to leave these materials at the Secretariat of the Congress.

Languages for the Congress

The languages that will be used throughout the Congress are French, English, Italian, and Spanish. Simultaneous translations will be provided in these four languages throughout the Congress. For the breakout sessions in the afternoon of Wednesday, May 31 and Thursday, June 1, the working groups will be arranged according to these four languages.


After the panel discussions on Wednesday May 31, and Thursday, June 1, delegates from the various movements and ecclesial communities can intervene on the themes in discussion. In order to facilitate this, those delegates who wish to intervene are asked to fill out and hand in a participation form that can be obtained in the Secretariat upon their arrival. The interventions are limited to a maximum of three minutes.

Encounter with the Holy Father

The Encounter of the Holy Father with the movements and new communities, to which is anticipated an attendance of hundred of thousands, will take place on the afternoon of Saturday, June 3. Those invited to the Congress will have reserved seats on the “sagrato” section in the Basilica square. The tickets needed in order to be granted access to these seats will be distributed by the Secretariat of the Congress. Those invited participants who wish to be accompanied by their spouse, are asked to notify the Secretariat upon arrival to the Congress. In order to better follow the entire program, participants of the Encounter with the Holy Father are asked to bring a small portable radio with them. Vatican Radio will transmit a live broadcast of the event in four languages according to the following frequencies:

English: FM 93.3 MHz
Italian: FM 96.3 MHz
French: FM 103.8 MHz
Spanish: FM 105.0 MHz

Additional stay at the “Mondo Migliore” Center

We would like to remind you that the rooms at the “Mondo Migliore” Center must be vacated on by the afternoon of Friday, June 2 or at the latest by 9 am Saturday, June 3. Anyone needing additional stay at the Center for more than these days should contact the “Mondo Migliore” Center directly in order to confirm availability. The cost for additional stay on June 3 and onwards will be the at the expense of he or she who makes these arrangements.

Secretariat of the Congress

The Secretariat of the Congress will open at 15.00 on Tuesday, May 30, and the “Mondo Migliore” Center can be reached by the following means:

-by telephone: +39 06 941871
-by fax: +39 06 9497673
-by email:

For any information prior to this date, please contact the Pontifical Council for the Laity directly at: tel. +39 06 698 87 322; fax +39 06 698 87214; email