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 Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People

People on the Move - Supp. N° 93,  December 2003, p. 232

Education of Gypsies in Croatia

Ing. Goran Đurđević

President, Council of Associatons of Catholic Roma


Right for preschool education in their mother tongue have all members of national minorities in Republic of Croatia how is written in Constitution of Croatia.

Constitutional law for rights of national minorities and in law about preschool education and education of national minorities in their mother tongue from 2002.

Since 2000 and 2001 Ministry of education and sport is watching children included in educational system, 2002 in school, there are 1900 Roma children, declared 1 say, because the number is much higher. By law and program of national minorities, there is possibility for education on their mother tongue. Unfortunately, members of Roma national minorities are not included not in one model of education and preschool education on their mother tongue but they can have/use other varieties of keeping in touch with their identity and culture, which is only in Croatia divided in 8 Roma people groups and each one of team has different religion, language and cultural heritage.

The most important task of our Ministry of education and sport is obligatory education of Roma people with other support and ways of work. Also very important are good conditions for Roma children in preschool where Ministry of education and sport can help a great deal.

That kind of system Croatian catholic Roma people – Lovari which are integration. As an example for other Roma people in Croatia in past 20 year we are planning to open First kindergarten for Roma children in Croatia.

In the neighbourhood there will be (if we get founds) FIRST CENTRE OF COUNSELLING, FIRST ETNO ORIGINAL CROATIA ROMA PEOPLE – LOVARI, FIRST LITTLE LIBRARY OF ROMA PEOPLE IN CROATIA, and the most important EDUCATIONAL ROOMS for all population of Roma people, especially for school children who came from our kindergarten for Roma children.

Educational rooms should be helping Roma children in education and keeping track with their work and development.

We are hoping that other 7 groups Roma people, no matter religion and language, will go our way, because of the welfare of those who we are leaving behind – our children.