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 Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People

People on the Move

N° 97, April 2005


Programme of Activities of 

the Pontifical Council for the 

Pastoral Care of Migrants and 

Itinerant People in 2005




January 2005

January 12th – 15th 

Vatican City

Catholic Interreligions Theological Colloquium (by P.C.I.D.)

January 17th 

Bassano del Grappa, Italy

Conference Il lavoro, la sua dignità e le migrazioni

(by G.I.S.P.)

January 22nd – 26th 

Montecarlo, France

General Council of the Forum of Christian Organisations for Circus and Travelling Show People

January 27th 

Rome, Italy

Conference, I Migranti nella Chiesa e nel Mondo

(by the “Circolo di Roma”)

January 31st – February 1st

Vatican City

AOS Regional Coordinators Meeting



February 2005

February 2nd 

Vatican City

AOS International Fishing Committee Meeting 


February 14th 

Milan, Italy


Ecclesial Meeting on the occasion of B.I.T.:

“Luoghi dello Spirito, luoghi dell’uomo nuovo.Per un turismo affascinante”

February 14th – 17th  

Quito, Ecuador

Simposium Andino-Hispano on Migraciones y Desarrollo

February 16th 

Rome, Italy

LÂ’Integrazione interculturale: Una sfida per lÂ’Europa Cristiana (by Christian Europe Association)

February 17th 

Rome, Italy

Les Pèlerinage dans le monde

by “Centre Culturel Saint Louis de France” 


March 2005

March 7th – 11th 

Kaoshiung, Taiwan 

East – South East Regional Meeting 

(ICMA Regional Conference)

March 8th - 11th 

Ginevra, Switzerland

Meeting of EXCOM (UNHCR)


March 12th – 13th 

Ginevra, Switzerland

Governing Committee of ICMC

March 29th – 31st   

Porto, Portugal

World Meeting of Portuguese Communities


April 2005

April 6th – 7th 

La Coruña, Spain

Migrants in the Church and in the World, in a Vision of Peace (by Fundación Barrié)

April 8th - 10th 

Tepla, Czech Republic 

Annual Meeting of the International Catholic Committee for Gypsies (CCIT)

April 12th – 13th 

Bellaria, Italy

Convegno sullÂ’operatore pastorale dei Migranti

(by “Migrantes” Foundation)

April 16th - 19th 

Rome, Italy 

“Exodus” Annual Meeting

April 19th – 24th 

Sacrofano, Italy

12th International Seminar for Catholic Airport Chaplains


April 20th 

Rome, Italy

Umanesimo Mediterraneo e nuovo femminismo: la donna migrante

(by the International Association “Political Charity”)

April 29th – 30th  

Rome, Italy

ICMA Executive Committee Meeting



May 2005

May 9th – 16th 

Athens, Greece

Conference on World Mission and Evangelism

(by the World Council of Churches)

May 12th – 14th 

Chennai, India 

AOS South Asia Regional Meeting

May 15th – 21st   

Windhoek, Namibia 

Annual Regional Refugee Conference

(of the IMBISA Refugee Service)

May 21st – 25th 

Kiel, Germany

Baltic Sea Conference (ICMA)


May 24th – 26th 

Progreso, Mexico

AOS North America Regional Conference


June 2005

June 6th – 8th 

St. Albans, London (U.K.)

AOS National Meeting (U. K.) 


June 14th – 15th 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

ICMA Ecumenical Consultation

June 20th – 21st  

Vatican City

First International Meeting for the Pastoral Care for the Liberation of the “Woman of the Street” (by the PCPCMI)

June 20th – 24th  

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

AOS Latin America Regional Meeting


July 2005

July 6th – 8th 

Port Louis, Mauritius

AOS Indian Ocean Regional Meeting

July 4th Â– 7th 

Caravaggio, Italy

National Convention for the Pastoral Care of Circus and Travelling Show People


August 2005


August 16th – 21st 

Köln, Germany

World Youth Day 


September 2005

September 11th – 13th 

Lyon, France

Annual Meeting of the Community of St. Egidio

September 14th 

Paris, France

First International Meeting for Sisters Working Among Migrants (by Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul)


September 16th - 19th 

Bhopal, India

Annual Meeting of the Pastoral Care of Gypsies in India (PACNI)

September 19th - 23rd  

Manchester, U.K. 

38th Annual Conference of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains (IACAC)

September 27th 


XXVI World Day of Tourism on the theme Travel and Trasport: from the Imaginary of Jules Verne to the Reality of the 21st Century 


October 2005

October 3rd – 7th 

Ginevra, Switzerland

56th EXCOM Meeting (UNHCR)

October 6th – 13th 

Dunkerque, France

ICMA Executive Committee Meeting and ICMA European Meeting

October 22nd – 25th  

Brisbane, Australia

AOS Australia National Meeting and AOS Oceania Regional Meeting and AOS  Training Course for Oceania Chaplains

October 25th – 28th 

Rome, Italy

F.I.A. General Assembly Week

(F.I.A. Foundation for the Automobile and Society)


November 2005

November 6th – 9th  

Barcelona, Spain

International Ecumenical Congress of the Forum of Christian Organisations for Circus and Travelling Show People

November 11th – 17th, 19th – 21st   

Chennai, India 

I.C.S.W. Seminar; South Asia Regional Seminar A.O.S.


November 16th – 18th 

Sydney, Australia

Australian Conference of Catholic Bishops Committee for Migrants and Refugees (National Conference for Pastoral Agents of Migrants and Refugees)

November 21th – 23th 

Seoul, Corea

Second Regional Congress (Asia) on Pilgrimages and Sanctuaries


December 2005

December 14th - 16th 

Vatican City

Second World Congress for the Pastoral Care of Foreign Students

(Foreign Students and the Instruction, Erga migrantes caritas Christi).