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"Teresa Layz was foundress of Our Lady of the Annunciation monastery in Alba de Tormes. Her parents were of noble stock, gentlefolk of pure blood. However not being as rich as their title demanded, they lived in a hamlet called Tordillos, two miles away from Alba.

It is a pity to see to what lengths people will go! They prefer to live isolated in small villages, deprived of instruction and many other elements useful for the soul's benefit, rather than relinquish a single one of those formalities that make up the so-called matter of honour!...

Teresa's parents already had four daughters when she was born , and perceiving that she too was a daughter, they were really upset. It's a sorry thing to see people disowning what is better for them! Totally in the dark as to God's plans, they are unaware of the great good that can accrue in the case of daughters and the innumerable evils that derive from sons. And still they would like to resist Him who knows all and brings everything into existence, wearing themselves down on account of disgust at something which on the contrary should make them happy : just like people of weakened faith who do not think or remember that God ordains everything and that the human being only has to confide in His providence. Being so blind as not to trust in His divine providence, they also show an even grosser ignorance not understanding how useless it is letting such worries overwhelm them. Good Lord! How different will be our judgement of these blind pretensions when the truth of all matters will be patent! How many fathers will go to hell for having begotten sons! How many mothers, on the contrary, will be in heaven because of their daughters!

Getting back to what I was saying, matters came to such a head that three days after the infant's birth the parents, who didn't care about her well-being, left her alone from morning till evening without giving any thought about her. Just as well that immediately after birth - the only good thing they did - they had a priest baptize her!...

In the evening the woman who looked after the infant arrived. This one, when she learned what was happening, ran to see if she were still alive, and several other persons, who had come to visit the mother, followed her. And they too were witnesses of what I will now relate.

The woman took the baby girl in her arms weeping, said, almost reprimanding such great cruelty: " So then, my little dove, are you not a Christian?... ". The baby raised her head and answered: " Yes, I am ". Then she was silent and no longer spoke until the age when children normally speak. - Those present were all overwhelmed!

From that day her mother began to love her and spared no effort to look after her, often saying that she would like to live to see what the Lord had in store for her. She brought her up as a good Christian like the other daughters, educating her in virtue."

Saint Theresa of Jesus, doctor of the Church: History of the Foundations XX.


O God, You inspired St. Theresa of Jesus with deep faith to undertake the most arduous missions in her zeal for the reform of Carmel. Grant us, we beseech You, through her intercession, the grace to live the public and personal events of our time with the same faith and ardent zeal for the good of all humanity. We ask You this through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.


By Ateneo Pontificio "Regina Apostolorum"