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What is the “Fraternitas”?
The Fraternitas is an Association, instituted by the Chapter of Saint Mary Major, whose members consecrate themselves to the Mother of God and of the Church, according to the ascetic principle “Ad Jesum per Mariam” (St. Louis M. Grignion de Monfort), for their own personal sanctification and for a spiritual and moral support to the life and the activity of the Liberian Basilica.

The members of the Fraternitas, in virtue of their consecration to Mary, the Mother of God and of the Church, are dedicated to the Marian apostolate through:

1. the prayer, keeping in mind their spiritual bond with the Members of the Liberian Chapter;
2. the zeal for the devotion to Mary Most Holy;
3. the imitation of the maternal tenderness and of the loving kindness of Our Lady towards the neighbour.

With reference to number 1:

a. individually: Every day, one should recite the Liturgy of Lauds and Vespers, or at least the Holy Rosary. It is recommended the participation at Mass and the frequent Holy Communion, the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, and the spiritual reading.

b. in community: All those who live in Rome or nearby (the first Saturday of each month) should participate in the monthly meeting. Specific arrangements will be established for those who live outside Rome.

With reference to number 2:

- One should invite family members, work colleagues and friends to a confident entrustment to the Divine Maternity of Our Lady, and should attend meetings aimed to the formation of a Marian spirituality. These encounters, for the inhabitants of Rome and for the people living in the suburbs of Rome, will take place in the Liberian Basilica. The Centre of the Fraternitas will commit itself to the promotion of pilgrimages to the Liberian Basilica, celebrated as the Shrine of the Divine Maternity. These pilgrimages are particularly intended for those faithful people devoted to other Shrines and Churches which were already spiritually joined with the Basilica. An accurate website (Internet site) will be helpful to inform people about subjects such as: the statute of the Fraternitas, the conditions for applying, the information regarding the institutional activities, the monthly message of the Prefect, teaching aids, updates and proposals.

The Fraternitas is composed by “faithful people who have completed the eighteenth year of age belonging to all social classes and states of life”.

New members to the Fraternitas should submit a written request by printing out and completing an application form. This should be addressed to the Prefect, who then will set up a preliminary colloquium with the applicant and will communicate to the Archpriest Cardinal his opinion regarding the admission request. The Archpriest Cardinal will make the final decision about a new member’s acceptance. In the case of a positive outcome in which a new member is accepted, the Secretariat of the Centre will draw up a formation meeting (under the Prefect supervision) aimed to the deepening of the act of consecration. This will take place in a communitarian celebration during which the new members will announce their adhesion by reciting the formula of consecration to Mary.

Each member is required to offer or annually renew a subscription fee. This is aimed to the growth and expansion of the devotion to the Virgin Mary, and is in favour of all those deeds that the Centre will consider necessary for the worship to the Most Holy Virgin.


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