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To Our Esteemed Brother
Cardinal Paolo Bertoli
Camerlengo Of The Holy Roman Church

As we will very shortly be setting out for Poland, whereas is well knownthe celebrations will take place for the ninth centenary of the martyrdom of Saint Stanislaus, Bishop, and our predecessor in the see of Krakow, it seems useful to us that the matters which call for our attention, during the time of our journey, that is, from the second to the tenth day of June of this year, should be taken care of by a Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, in so far as this may be necessary.

Wherefore, we delegate to you our esteemed brother, who hold the office of Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church, the power of granting during our absence, if there is danger in delay, having consulted the Sacred Dicastery concerned and having observed everything that should be observed, the indults, faculties and favours which we ourself are accustomed to grant. Likewise, if the case is particularly urgent and the competent Sacred Congregation of the Roman Curia requests it, the power of making provision for the government of any diocese by appointing an Apostolic Administrator.

We ask you also to pray very much to God during those days so that this journey of ours may be productive of abundant spiritual fruit, through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is honoured with great devotion at the sanctuary in Jasna Gora.

Finally, we lovingly impart to you, our esteemed brother, whose dedication to the See of Peter and whose experience are known to us, the Apostolic Blessing as a sign of our brotherly affection.

From the Vatican, on the thirtieth day of May in the year 1979, the first of our Pontificate.



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