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Tuesday, 19 November 1963


Mister President,

We thank you, and the illustrious personages who accompany you, for your visit to Us, and We bid you a heartfelt welcome to Our home, as heartfelt as the welcome extended to Us last year when We had the unforgettable experience of visiting the vast African continent. 

We were impressed by the surging vitality of the African peoples, of the newly independent nations moving so rapidly forward towards prosperity and progress. In achieving their aspirations, the beloved people of Africa have no greater friends, We think, and no more generous collaborators than the Catholic Bishops and clergy; and no citizens will be more loyal and respectful to the lawful civil authorities than the African Catholics.

 We pray, therefore, that Our children in your country, and in all of Africa, may prove themselves zealous observers of law and order, and that the various Governments may protect and safeguard that freedom which the Church needs to carry on her high mission of truth, charity and justice, for the good of Africa and for peace in the world. 

With these sentiments, We renew the expression of Our warm appreciation of your visit, Mister President, and We gladly bestow upon you and your retinue Our Apostolic Blessing, while invoking upon the beloved Nation of Tanganyika the richest graces and favours of Almighty God.


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