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Saturday, 13 March 1971


We bid you welcome from our heart, students of Keio University. We greet you with the same affection with which We greeted other groups from your famous university in the past. And We wish that your journey may be a happy one, fruitful in benefits for yourselves and for your future work in the service of your fellowmen.

You have wished, while in Rome, to pay a visit to Us who have the office of representing Jesus Christ. You know how, during his mortal life, Christ cured bodily illness as a sign of his mission of healing the sicknesses of man’s inner being. He came that men might have life, and have it to the full. We pray that you and the other university students of Japan and all other countries will work devotedly to heal the ailments o f the world through the medicine of love. That is what the human family is so greatly in need of. That is what it hopes to receive from the rising generation.

Upon you, your fellow students, your parents and teachers, and upon the whole Japanese nation We invoke true peace and prosperity and every blessing of heaven.


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