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    The Holy See Press Office Bulletin publishes the official news of the activities of the Holy Father and of the various departments of the Holy See. All speeches, messages, documents, as well as the position statements issued by the Director, are published in their entirety. The Bulletin is released every day in one or more editions, in Italian, although all texts are published in their original language. Translations are also published when available.

    In this section the Holy See Press Office makes available  documentation which is not published in the Bulletin.

    The Holy See Press Office Bulletin distributed under embargo will be found in this area of the Holy See Press Office, as well as other Documents, embargoed and non-embargoed.
    Access is allowed to those journalists accredited to the Holy See Press Office, having in possession a valid and unexpired accreditation badge.

    In the Logistical information section, professional journalists can find the application form and the rules for the request of accreditation to the Holy See Press Office. In addition, eventual logistical notices for the accredited journalists will be made available in this section.