self-enclosed, exclusive and divisive; similarly,
whenever we attempt to create unity on the basis
of our human calculations, we end up imposing
a monolithic uniformity. This is not helpful for
the Church’s mission.
Culture, thought and education
132. Proclaiming the Gospel message to differ-
ent cultures also involves proclaiming it to pro-
fessional, scientific and academic circles. This
means an encounter between faith, reason and
the sciences with a view to developing new ap-
proaches and arguments on the issue of credibil-
ity, a creative apologetics
which would encour-
age greater openness to the Gospel on the part
of all. When certain categories of reason and
the sciences are taken up into the proclamation
of the message, these categories then become
tools of evangelization; water is changed into
wine. Whatever is taken up is not just redeemed,
but becomes an instrument of the Spirit for en-
lightening and renewing the world.
133. It is not enough that evangelizers be con-
cerned to reach each person, or that the Gospel
be proclaimed to the cultures as a whole. A theol-
ogy – and not simply a pastoral theology – which
is in dialogue with other sciences and human ex-
periences is most important for our discernment
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