seeing beyond their weaknesses and failings:
“Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s good
pleasure to give you the kingdom” (
Jesus preaches with that spirit. Full of joy in the
Spirit, he blesses the Father who draws the little
ones to him: “I thank you Father, Lord of heav-
en and earth, that you have hidden these things
from the wise and understanding and revealed
them to babes” (
10:21). The Lord truly en-
joys talking with his people; the preacher should
strive to communicate that same enjoyment to
his listeners.
Words which set hearts on fire
142. Dialogue is much more than the com-
munication of a truth. It arises from the en-
joyment of speaking and it enriches those who
express their love for one another through the
medium of words. This is an enrichment which
does not consist in objects but in persons who
share themselves in dialogue. A preaching which
would be purely moralistic or doctrinaire, or one
which turns into a lecture on biblical exegesis,
detracts from this heart-to-heart communication
which takes place in the homily and possesses a
quasi-sacramental character: “Faith comes from
what is heard, and what is heard comes by the
preaching of Christ” (
10:17). In the homily,
truth goes hand in hand with beauty and good-
ness. Far from dealing with abstract truths or
cold syllogisms, it communicates the beauty of
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