reflect on the challenges that all of them must
face in the context of our current globalized
culture. But in justice, I must say first that the
contribution of the Church in today’s world is
enormous. The pain and the shame we feel at
the sins of some members of the Church, and at
our own, must never make us forget how many
Christians are giving their lives in love. They help
so many people to be healed or to die in peace
in makeshift hospitals. They are present to those
enslaved by different addictions in the poorest
places on earth. They devote themselves to the
education of children and young people. They
take care of the elderly who have been forgotten
by everyone else. They look for ways to com-
municate values in hostile environments. They
are dedicated in many other ways to showing an
immense love for humanity inspired by the God
who became man. I am grateful for the beautiful
example given to me by so many Christians who
joyfully sacrifice their lives and their time. This
witness comforts and sustains me in my own ef-
fort to overcome selfishness and to give more
fully of myself.
77. As children of this age, though, all of us
are in some way affected by the present glo-
balized culture which, while offering us values
and new possibilities, can also limit, condition
and ultimately harm us. I am aware that we need
to create spaces where pastoral workers can be
helped and healed, “places where faith itself in
the crucified and risen Jesus is renewed, where
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