the most profound questions and daily concerns
are shared, where deeper discernment about our
experiences and life itself is undertaken in the
light of the Gospel, for the purpose of directing
individual and social decisions towards the good
and beautiful”.
At the same time, I would like
to call attention to certain particular temptations
which affect pastoral workers.
Yes to the challenge of a missionary spirituality
78. Today we are seeing in many pastoral work-
ers, including consecrated men and women, an
inordinate concern for their personal freedom
and relaxation, which leads them to see their
work as a mere appendage to their life, as if it
were not part of their very identity. At the same
time, the spiritual life comes to be identified with
a few religious exercises which can offer a certain
comfort but which do not encourage encoun-
ter with others, engagement with the world or a
passion for evangelization. As a result, one can
observe in many agents of evangelization, even
though they pray, a heightened individualism, a
crisis of identity and a cooling of fervour. These
are three evils which fuel one another.
79. At times our media culture and some intel-
lectual circles convey a marked scepticism with
regard to the Church’s message, along with a cer-
Messaggio della XIV
Assemblea Nazionale alla Chiesa ed al Paese
(8 May 2011).
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