God save us from a worldly Church with superfi-
cial spiritual and pastoral trappings! This stifling
worldliness can only be healed by breathing in
the pure air of the Holy Spirit who frees us from
self-centredness cloaked in an outward religiosity
bereft of God. Let us not allow ourselves to be
robbed of the Gospel!
No to warring among ourselves
98. How many wars take place within the peo-
ple of God and in our different communities! In
our neighbourhoods and in the workplace, how
many wars are caused by envy and jealousy, even
among Christians! Spiritual worldliness leads
some Christians to war with other Christians
who stand in the way of their quest for power,
prestige, pleasure and economic security. Some
are even no longer content to live as part of the
greater Church community but stoke a spirit of
exclusivity, creating an “inner circle”. Instead
of belonging to the whole Church in all its rich
variety, they belong to this or that group which
thinks itself different or special.
99. Our world is being torn apart by wars and
violence, and wounded by a widespread individ-
ualism which divides human beings, setting them
against one another as they pursue their own
well-being. In various countries, conflicts and old
divisions from the past are re-emerging. I espe-
cially ask Christians in communities throughout
the world to offer a radiant and attractive witness
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