the community can awaken in the young a desire
to consecrate themselves completely to God and
to the preaching of the Gospel. This is particu-
larly true if such a living community prays insist-
ently for vocations and courageously proposes to
its young people the path of special consecra-
tion. On the other hand, despite the scarcity of
vocations, today we are increasingly aware of the
need for a better process of selecting candidates
to the priesthood. Seminaries cannot accept can-
didates on the basis of any motivation whatso-
ever, especially if those motivations have to do
with affective insecurity or the pursuit of power,
human glory or economic well-being.
108. As I mentioned above, I have not sought
to offer a complete diagnosis, but I invite commu-
nities to complete and enrich these perspectives
on the basis of their awareness of the challenges
facing them and their neighbours. It is my hope
that, in doing so, they will realize that whenever
we attempt to read the signs of the times it is
helpful to listen to young people and the elderly.
Both represent a source of hope for every peo-
ple. The elderly bring with them memory and
the wisdom of experience, which warns us not to
foolishly repeat our past mistakes. Young people
call us to renewed and expansive hope, for they
represent new directions for humanity and open
us up to the future, lest we cling to a nostalgia
for structures and customs which are no longer
life-giving in today’s world.
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