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 Saint Paul

 The Apostle to the Gentiles

 The Missionary Journeys

 The Conversion to Christ

The Beginning of his Ministry

The Council
 Towards Greece

The Beginnings of the Church

 While in Jerusalem
 The Journey in Captivity
 The Martyrdom in Rome



After his “conversion”, on the way to Damascus, Paul traveled throughout parts of Asia Minor (currently Turkey), Syria and Arabia (now Jordan), all the way to Jerusalem, before reaching Europe, Greece and ultimately Rome. One can reasonably date his journeys back to around the 50s A.D. or so.

First Journey

From Antioch to Cyprus and to the south of Anatoly (Perge, Antioch of Psidia, Iconium, Lystra and Derbe), Paul and Barnabas preached with ardor in the synagogues the Good News of the Resurrection and salvation in Jesus, establishing some communities there. When the Jews distanced themselves from him, Paul then turned his preaching towards the Gentiles.

Second Journey

Paul’s first objective was to go with Silas to meet the communities he created in Southern Anatoly (in Lystra he met Timothy, who accompanied them during their journey). They continued their travels towards the northwest, up to the Dardanelles, to Troas, from where they departed for Greece; Paul established the Churches in Philippi, Thessalonica, Beroea, Athens and Corinth. Afterwards he went back to Antioch, his main base, passing through Ephesus and Caesarea. In Antioch, for the very first time the believers were called “Christians”.

Third Journey

This journey can be considered one of strengthening. Paul revisited the Churches he created in Anatoly and Greece, together with Timothy and Titus. He sailed again to Tyre, Caesarea and Jerusalem, where he was arrested.

The Journey in Captivity

His voyage to Rome as a prisoner was not a missionary journey; nevertheless his activity as an evangelizer did not cease to continue.


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