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Cherish those who accompany us in life

Friday, 14 February 2020



During his homily for Mass at Santa Marta, on Friday, 14 February, Pope Francis spoke about the importance of families as he welcomed Patrizia, an employee who was retiring after 40 years of service at Casa Santa Marta and who was present at the Mass. Indeed, families are not only made up of father, mother, brothers, sisters and grandparents, but rather also of the larger family of those who accompany us for some time such as in the workplace or in our studies. Pope Francis compared Casa Santa Marta where he lives to a large family. Families, he said, are people who accompany us on our life journey and whose smiles and greetings are like seeds that are sown in our hearts. The Lord, he pointed out, wants us to be in company, not alone.

Referring to Casa Santa Marta as an example, Pope Francis said that every name, is a presence, a history, a short stay and leaves a mark like Luisa, Cristina and the grandmother of the house and Sister Maria who joined when she was very young and decided to consecrate herself there. He also mentioned Marian who left with her child and Elvira, an example of struggle in life, adding that it was difficult to forget others who had retired or moved elsewhere. It would do us good, the Holy Father suggested, for us to spend some time today gratefully remembering those who accompanied us on our life path and in gratitude to God for not leaving us alone.

Pope Francis did not fail to mention the problems that always arise when people are involved, including families. However, sin, patience and apologies for failings are all part of families. Offering Patrizia’s farewell as an opportunity to remember, thank and apologize, he urged everyone to do the same for those who accompany us. The Pope’s homily concluded with a big thank you to those who work at Casa Santa Marta and best wishes of another 40 years to Patrizia.

*L'Osservatore Romano, Weekly edition in English, n.12, 20 March 2020

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