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Venerdì, 11 gennaio 1991

Mister Ambassador,

I. Since the felicitous re-establishing of diplomatic relations between Denmark and the Holy See, you are the third person to be chosen by Her Majesty Queer Margrethe II to represent your Government and the Danish people here. It is a pleasure to welcome Your Excellency and to receive your Letters of Credence.

In your very courteous address, you rightly stressed the trust which characterizes the good relations existing between your country and the Holy See. I can assure you, Mister Ambassador, that my visit to Denmark at the beginning of June 1989 strengthened this feeling in me. How could I ever forget Her Majesty Queen Margrethe's warm welcome at the Fredensborg Palace? I should be grateful to Your Excellency if you would express my respectful esteem and renew my good wishes to Her Majesty for the fulfillment of her high office.

2. I recall with pleasure the Eucharist celebration in the Benedictines' park in Copenhagen, the prayer service in the magnificent cathedral of Roskilde, which was followed by a fraternal gathering with the Lutheran bishops in Reverend Ole Bertelsen's residence, the ecumenical gathering at Moltke Palace, and the meeting with the Diplomat Corps at the Nunciature. All these highlights of my stay in Denmark fostered a new, mutual opening of heart and mind, for which I continue to give thanks to God.

I noted with satisfaction that the Catholic Church, although only a small community in Denmark, is very much alive and at ease in the nation. I can assure you that Catholics desire to contribute as much as possible to the social and spiritual development of their fellow citizens.

3. You mentioned earlier, Your Excellency, the Holy See's commitment and drive in the interest of peace in the world. This is one of the chief goals which inspires our dialogue and activity in international affairs. The message which inspires us is a message of peace, of a peace founded on what is best in humanity, a peace which can be based only on mutual respect and the mutual assistance of all the peoples on the earth, with the explicit recognition of the inalienable human rights of the person.

The Holy See is pleased that Denmark has set itself humanitarian objectives, more especially through its generous commitment in favour of the most underprivileged people throughout the world Thus, your nation shows that it is steeped in Christian tradition. It gives me satisfaction to know that Denmark's representatives to international organizations have often expressed views similar to those of the Holy See's delegates, thus effectively contributing to the promotion of a climate of reconciliation and constructive cooperation for the common good.

It is a matter of importance that all countries, whatever their potential, unite efforts, not only to surmount any differences which may arise, but also to assure the greatest number of people possible a quality of life consistent with the ethical principles of full humanism which, in our eyes, fulfils God's plan for the world.

4. At the close of this meeting, I should like you to know, Mister Ambassador, how much I value the generosity which inspires you at the outset of the noble office you are to fulfil in the name of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark and of the Danish Government. In the Holy See you will always find a warm and friendly welcome whenever you wish to meet any of my close collaborators.

As I express my best wishes for the complete success of your mission and the happiness and prosperity of your beloved country, I invoke divine blessings upon you, Mister Ambassador, and on those who are especially dear to you, as well as on the nation you represent.

*L'Osservatore Romano. Weekly Edition in English n. 5 p.10.


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