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Monday 6 December 1999


Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Members of the Christian Life Movement and Sodality,

I greet you affectionately on this visit you have paid me on the occasion of your First Plenary Assembly, which you are holding in Rome in order to pray and reflect at the tombs of the Apostles Peter and Paul. You are looking at the world from the centre of Catholicism, meditating on the meaning of the universality of the Gospel, which cannot exclude any culture, any region of the world or any social class. At the same time, you are renewing your complete fidelity to the Successor of Peter, whom Christ entrusted with confirming his brothers in the faith (Lk 22: 32).

Founded on Peruvian soil in 1985, with an eminently evangelizing outreach, the Christian Life Movement has already spread to many American countries and has even reached beyond the continent to include, besides the Sodality, other groups and associations which are committed, according to their various vocations and states of life, to proclaiming Christ as Saviour of the human race.

On the eve of the Great Jubilee, I encourage you to prepare your hearts to receive God's mercy and to foster a deep and consistent spirit of Christian life in your surroundings and apostolic activities. In the formation of young people, see that the spirit of initiative is combined with fidelity to the Gospel, that culture is open to the meaning of transcendence and poverty, in all its forms, and receives a ray of hope from charity and effective solidarity. In this way you will be true artisans of reconciliation in today's world.

As I entrust the fruits of this First Plenary Assembly to the Virgin Mary, so that they will enliven the Christian commitment and evangelizing zeal of your communities and groups, I cordially give you my Apostolic Blessing, which I willingly extend to all the members of the Christian Life Movement.

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