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Monday, 12 October 1964


We bid Your Excellency a cordial welcome, recalling with pleasure your previous visits to Our illustrious Predecessors, Pope Pius the Twelfth and Pope John the Twenty-third. Your present visit is an opportune occasion for Us to thank Your Excellency, for the marks of benevolence and generosity you have shown and continue to show to the Catholic people of Indonesia.

As their spiritual leader on earth, We can assure Your Excellency that the Indonesian Catholics are highly appreciative of your favorable disposition towards them, and that they will ever strive to be ideal citizens, loyal to their country, obedient to its laws, and zealous to contribute to its legitimate progress in every field.

To Your Excellency, We wish the assistance of God in the fulfilment of your high office and difficult duties. To the beloved nation of Indonesia, We pray God to grant prosperity and happiness, in peace and love with the neighbouring nations and the other peoples of the world. We greet the distinguished members of Your Excellency’s retinue and invoke upon them choice graces and favours from on high.

Expressing Our gratitude to Your Excellency for this visit, We cherish the hope that it may foster ever more cordial relations between this Holy See and the Republic of Indonesia, and the attainment of the great good all men desire, Peace on earth.


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