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Saturday, 2 August 1969


Our last words on the soil of Uganda and of Africa are of thanks to God, Who has shown Us such rich human, religious, and Christian values in all the persons We have had the honour of meeting. Both Catholics and the faithful of other religious denominations have shed their blood upon this land in the name of Almighty God, so that today the national community of Uganda includes differing faiths which respect and esteem one another.

To His Excellency Doctor Obote and this Republic, and to all the Nations of Africa, We offer Our thanks for the generous welcome given to the humble Head of the Catholic Church; and We bear away with Us the vision of this immense multitude of human faces, demonstrating the universality of the vocation to the Faith, already announced to all Nations.

We carry also in Our heart the sufferings of those who have no voice; and for them We shall implore that peace and brotherly help may heal their wounds, cure their maladies, and relieve their poverty. This appeal We address to all men of good will, and especially to those Africans better able to assist their fellow-citizens of this Continent.

Our parting salutation of respect ad esteem is addressed to the Heads of State of Africa, particularly to the Authorities of Uganda, and to the Diplomatic Representatives-all of whom have honoured Us with their presence, all of whom continue their. admirable efforts in favour of peace, development, and justice.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to all the People of God assembled here: to the Most Eminent Cardinals, the Most Reverend Bishops, the Priests, Sisters and Brothers, Catechists, Lay Apostles, and all of you, beloved Christians and non-Christians! Our intimate union in doing honour to the Uganda Martyrs must persevere, and become always stronger; even after Our departure, you must draw ever closer together in charity, in the Name of the Lord!

Until we meet again, God bless Uganda! God save Africa!

From a heart overflowing with sincere gratitude, We call down upon al1 of you the Blessings of Our Lord.


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